Reflections on the Creative Process

Do you ever feel like you always have to know what to do? Do you start worrying if you don’t know exactly where a creative project is going? Fortunately, the process of creativity doesn’t have to be so daunting. Sometimes, … Continue reading

Start Anywhere: Talking About The Three Principles With Others

Have you ever really wanted to share the Three Principles with a friend, but weren’t sure how to bring it up? Have you ever felt like some practitioners seem to have this magical ability to always know the right words … Continue reading

Faith in Yourself: The remedy to all human setbacks

Decisions, difficult people, traumas and emotional upsets, ordinary setbacks that are a regular part of life for everyone.  But what if they didn’t have to be so hard?  This video introduces a solid logic that explains why they don’t have … Continue reading

The Essence of Leadership – The key factor in why strategies and methods work or fail for a leader

Do you coach executives or are you in a leadership role yourself?  If so than you have probably heard about or tried many strategies and techniques. There are over 200,000 books on leadership on Amazon and almost as many strategies … Continue reading

How People Change: The difference between our approach and the wildly popular cognitive-type approaches

We are re-posting this blog as it has been a very popular topic. At Pransky and Associates we talk about a set of principles that help people make sense of what’s happening in their own minds. Although we do talk … Continue reading

Why it Never Works to Bully Yourself

No matter how much self-development you’ve done in your life at some times (maybe even often) you find yourself in a state of mind that you don’t want to be in and you pressure yourself to feel differently in that … Continue reading

Making Mistakes, then Moving On (shame is optional)

Have you ever made a mistake and had a hard time letting it go? This video is all about mistakes. Everyone makes them, and in this animated video we show that it’s possible to make mistakes, even the big ones, … Continue reading

What if I’m not an epiphany person? How change happens for the rest of us.

Do you ever wish you were one of those people that had a huge life-changing ephipany? What if you’re not one of those epiphany people? Barbara Patterson brings to light a whole new way to see change in yourself and … Continue reading

I have been studying the principles and I can’t help feeling like I don’t get it. When will I get it and what if I don’t?

Question: I have been studying the principles and I can’t help feeling like I don’t get it. When will I get it and what if I don’t? Answer: Believe it or not, I have had moments of feeling like I … Continue reading

Doing v. Understanding

An interesting dialog between two of our consultants, Linda Pransky and Keith Blevens and a client. The conversation began on the subject of awareness and once a person becomes aware of his or her thinking, how do you change? What … Continue reading

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