“Simply stated, having the Pransky team conduct a four day workshop for our senior people was the wisest investment that we ever made ..."

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Business Leaders

How it works

As business leaders become more successful and take on bigger roles, periodically they can get a little lost in the fray. During those times, they find themselves more frequently ‘in the weeds,’ more impatient, more serious, or bogged down. They can lose sight of their freshness, their passion, enthusiasm, and clarity that they had when they first got into their career.

When leaders are in the thick of things, everything can look like a big deal. In those moments they end up being more tense and tight overall, more frustrated dealing with difficult people, and it just becomes harder for them to maintain their edge and their level-headedness. To top it off, as leaders get swallowed up in their work, they can in turn become more distracted and disengaged in their home lives. These are the times that their relationships take a hit, which can ultimately affect their performance at work.

While scenarios like these are common, take a look around at leaders you respect. You’ll see that just because a leader takes on more responsibility, the internal stress level does not have to go up. There are leaders that have huge amounts of responsibility, a lot at stake, and yet are composed, rational, have exceptional clarity of thought. There are leaders that spend a big percentage of their time handling people that are chronically uncooperative, immature, or self-involved, and yet it doesn’t seem to take away from their energy, inspiration, and focus on the bigger picture. There are also plenty of leaders that have found a way to toggle between their work lives and their personal lives such that there’s less spill-over between worlds.


What we do with people is show them how their internal world, their own thinking, is the single biggest factor that drives their performance as a leader. As people get a respect and understanding of the mental side of their working life, there is an immediate and tangible impact on their leadership and productivity. Our clients have more clarity of thought, are better able to make decisions on the fly, and have a greater impact on the performance of their team. They have more freshness and creativity in their approach to difficult situations, spend less time ruminating and spinning their wheels, and as a result, they go about their work and home lives with more attention, more involvement, and more heart.

We do not focus on building skills and competencies or changing the behavior of the leader. That's what makes us different. As leaders understand that there’s a bigger variable behind performance and how the whole setup works, their skills, competencies and behavior naturally improves. Our clients leave our program with an understanding of how leaders do their best thinking and how to point themselves in that direction.


4-day Leadership Intensive

This is the program that combines minimal time with maximum impact. During this 4-day one-on-one retreat we explore where your biggest struggles are as a leader, where your power is and teach you the logic that will raise your level of effectiveness and satisfaction in your leadership.

Extended Leadership Development Program

For those leaders who are wanting to commit the time and resources to create a foundation for significant change we offer a 12 month leadership development program.

This year long program has five components:

  • Intake – 360-degree interviews including a site visit for real time intake and observation in participant's environment
  • Program objectives – to be determined through intake, defined and aligned with superiors where appropriate
  • 4-day Intensive Leadership programs at our office in La Conner
  • Regular coaching phone calls throughout program
  • Regular check ins with superiors against objectives

Choosing a program

If you’re not sure which program’s right for you or you want to find out what kind of results you could realistically expect, please contact us (free of charge) and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

What people are saying about our leaders programs

“Simply stated, having the Pransky team conduct a four day workshop for our senior people was the wisest investment that we ever made in our corporate history.”
—Javad Heydary, Chairman, Heydary Law Firms


“Through the course of the program, I realized how much time I spend thinking about what everyone around me is doing wrong, both at home and at work and that I spend even more time griping to other people and writing memos and emails about all this wrong-doing. It just consumed me. Once I realized I was doing it and I stopped, I found that I had 3 extra hours in my day. That’s how much time and energy I’d wasted, and it’s as if someone came along and gifted me 3 hours every day. It’s pretty incredible.”
—John, Contracts Supervisor, BAE Systems


“I thank Pransky & Associates … your leadership courses have a direct application to business (and life in general). My psychological well-being is more constant with much less lows and highs. I take life’s experiences in stride. Life seems easier … I have less “kinks” in life and relationships. I am more open-minded. I am more willing to be influenced … Sure, I still have down times but I see them for what they are: a product of my thinking. I find it easier to snap out of it. This has helped at work, where it all started. It has helped the company bottom line by tapping into the potential of our people.”
—Ron, BAE Systems


“When the National Network of Estate planning Attorneys set up their educational Courses I knew there was a need for a quality of life course, but frankly, I didn’t think such a course could be taught. I thought that attorney’s ability to enjoy their jobs was a personality trait- you either had it or you didn’t. The course I attended showed me that I was dead wrong with the assumption. Indeed our attorneys learned to work more gracefully and with more enjoyment. That course made a difference in their lives and as their stress level went down, their practices prospered.”
—Rob, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys