"George and Linda have been the most instrumental part of my development as a 3 principles professional. Simply put, I feel they've taught me everything I know! …"

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How it works

Just like the consultants at Pransky and Associates, there are people who have stumbled into learning the three principles, had it completely change their lives, and want to share it with others. The first things that usually come to mind are: Can I get a good enough understanding of the principles to really help people? How do I deepen my grounding? Can I support myself teaching the principles?

Nobody wants to be mediocre, waste their time or waste their client's time. They want to be grounded enough in the principles to make it their life's work, to feel together enough themselves to justify offering guidance to others, and feel confident that people will want to pay for their services. They also need to know that if they commit to the principles as their source of income, they can pull it off, and have impact that's in the ballpark of the seasoned principles professionals.

Our Results

We see results for practitioners in several areas. As their own grounding in the principles deepens, they let go of a lot of the thinking that used to bog them down. Their confidence goes up, they spend less time second-guessing themselves. Their listening improves; they have more clarity of thought, better instincts, and are more responsive to their clients. The end result is that their impact improves substantially and the changes can be seen right away.

We offer the unique opportunity to learn from two of the most experienced and respected professionals in the principles community. George and Linda Pransky were closely mentored by Syd Banks for 30 years, have worked with prominent companies and leaders on an international level, and have trained and mentored hundreds of coaches and practitioners including some of the most respected teachers in this field. They founded and grew a thriving principles-based company working successfully with businesses, couples, families, communities and individuals.


Our practitioner programs are for people who are already familiar with the principles and are either working with the principles in a professional capacity or would like to bring the principles into their work for the first time.

Building a Successful Principle-Based Practice

Everywhere we go, we get asked by people interested in doing this work, 'How do you build a successful principle-based practice?"

At some point, anyone who wants to work with the 3 Principles has to make the leap from whatever it is they were doing before to building a new kind of practice based on their new understanding of how life works.

George Pransky, Michael Neill, and Barbara Patterson have each made that leap, going from established success in the therapy, coaching, and business worlds, respectively, to starting over in the world of the Principles. And once again each of them rose to a high level of success.

Together they have designed a 12-week virtual program that will not only give you an opportunity to learn from their experience, but will increase your confidence moving forward. This program is designed specifically to address the number one variable for your success – grounding.

Collectively, they have many years of experience working with individuals, couples, businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Their ability to see the relevance and to know with certainty the value of the Principles has been monumental in establishing their tremendous competitive edge. Their effectiveness in understanding the role that grounding plays in building a business and delivering superior work has been the cornerstone of their success.

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6-Month One-on-One Mentoring Program

Throughout our careers, we've had the pleasure of working with practitioners and people interested in bringing the principles into their work. Through our own experience and the experience of our students we've seen the power of being able to spend more time with individuals. Not only does time give us the opportunity to go deeper with people, but it also creates amazing momentum in the students' lives and work.

The mentoring program is led by Linda & George Pransky. Our goal during this program is to create a robust, well-rounded experience focused on the student’s grounding in the principles and their personal and professional development. The program is absolutely customized to the individual. During the 6 months, we will actively partner in their learning with the goal of creating a deep, profound and meaningful experience that will ultimately allow students to leverage their learning in any way they choose. Because we devote substantial time and energy to each participant in this program, we limit enrollment to five mentees at a time.


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4-month Small Group Mentoring Program

Everyday we see the relevance of the relationship between a practitioners grounding, their life, their business and their work with clients. We can’t say it enough – grounding is the biggest leverage we all have in this field. The best teachers out there get this and stay committed to the life-long journey of deepening their understanding. No matter where we are, the promise of this work is that there is infinite potential and possibility for us to see even more. And the more we see, the more we can show others.

If that’s true, and we believe wholeheartedly that it is, what helps people deepen their understanding and accelerate their learning? What gives people the ability to affect others in a more profound and sustainable way? Ultimately, it is to understand the principles more organically and on the level of personal insight.  While it seems simple, evidence shows us time and time again that staying in the conversation, looking for what we don’t know, allowing Mind to work through us and for us are all important ingredients.

This program is led by Barbara Patterson, Linda Pransky & George Pransky. During the 4-month small group grounding program, we create an environment where we wake people up to deeper levels of understanding for themselves. We are confident that no matter where you are on the journey, you will walk away with more clarity, confidence and understanding. We are passionate about this work and helping others to deepen their grounding and are excited to offer this small group experience where you will not only learn from us but from other like-minded people.

To keep the experience intimate and allow individual focus we are limiting the participants to 15.

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The Entrepreneurial Advantage

Live Weekend:  September 5th starting at 1:00pm and ending September 7th at 1:00pm

Webinars 9:00-10:30am PST:

September 17th
September 24th
October 1st 
October 8th
October 29th
November 5th
November 12th
November 19th


Two Options:  Beautiful La Conner Washington or Live Stream 

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Professional Training Retreat

Pransky & Associates is hosting a 4-day principle-based professional training retreat conducted by: Barbara Patterson, Linda & George Pransky.  

When: February 7-10, 2019

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Working With Couples Professional Training Retreat

Pransky & Associates newest training is focused on working with couples who want to deepen their relationship. This 4-day principle-based professional training retreat is conducted by Linda & George Pransky, who have 40 years of experience working with couples.

When: October 24th-27th, 2019

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Choosing a program

If you’re not sure which program is right for you or you want to find out what kind of results you could realistically expect, please contact us (free of charge) and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

What people are saying about our practitioner programs

“George and Linda Pransky are the people that introduced me to The Principles and that took me under their wing - trained, developed and mentored me. Without them I would not be the practitioner I am today. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to be their student and learn from them. Every day of my professional life I am grateful for that.

In my experience George and Linda stand apart in their ability to train and develop others. They are both extremely grounded and see the profound central importance of personal grounding to everything else. But in addition to this they also bring a grounded and practical approach to the moment-to-moment day-to-day practice of working with others and building a practice. They do all this without compromising either side of this equation. This makes their approach deep, grounded, enriching but also practical and impactful. They combine these in a way that strengthens an understanding of the relationship between them. Through my work and learning with them I have discovered the enriching and unavoidable link between grounding and practice. Through this experience my work and my learning have become a self-supporting system that benefits my clients and my own learning."

George and Linda are unique in the way they engage with their trainees. They meet everyone where they are at, endeavor to understand them and use that understanding to relentlessly push them forward. That is why many of the best practitioners have come out of their programs and why they are both integral parts of our professional institute."
–Aaron Turner, Co-founder One Thought Institute


"George and Linda have been the most instrumental part of my development as a 3 principles professional. Simply put, I feel they've taught me everything I know! Their commitment to constantly listening, learning, and being curious in their own lives has shown me that there truly is no end to seeing the depth of these principles. And more than anything, I feel forever grateful to have come across their paths and been a student of theirs, as I feel they taught me, pushed me and nurtured me in a way no others would have. They show a commitment to their students and colleagues that is unparalleled. And even though I'm technically no longer their intern or employee, I feel I am forever learning from them."
–Mara Gleason, CEO, Co-founder One Thought Institute


"George and Linda Pransky have had a direct impact on my continuing success as a principle based consultant. They are my role models as to what it takes to generate business and for me to be a role model to others. I had a front row seat while working for them for over 6 years. If anyone wants to learn how to thrive as an entrepreneur and also create profound change in the world through individuals, families, and organizations, I would emphatically recommend spending time learning from them."
–Cathy Casey, Private Practice, Formerly Lead Trainer at Santa Clara County Drug & Alcohol Services Department


"Through these past 30 plus years George and Linda Pransky have been mentors, colleagues and friends. Linda and George have been in the forefront as teachers of The Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks. Their influence has been prominent both prior to Syd's death in 2009 and since that time. Throughout the years they have been a major influence in the development of a multitude of Three Principles practitioners."
–William F Petti Jr MD, Co owner, Three Principles Intervention LLC
Former Associate Professor of Psychiatry, West Virginia University


"I first met George Pransky through his writing, and then had the good fortune to meet him and his wife Linda in person back in 2007. They have served as coaches, mentors, and in many ways role models for me as I have deepened my understanding of the 3 Principles and transformed my life and practice. I've found them to be at times nurturing, at times challenging, but always forthright, startlingly wise and profoundly inspirational. The town of La Conner is a perfect setting to deepen your grounding - its rustic charm and gentle pace of life serves as both example and reflection of the quiet beauty that is our birthright. I have incredibly fond memories of the time I have spent there, and highly recommend the people, the place, and the program."
–Michael Neill, Author The Inside Out Revolution


"I have known George and Linda for well over 20 years and during this time I have learned so much from their counsel and guidance. George has been my primary mentor together with Syd Banks in terms of developing a deeper and deeper understanding of the Principles. I would wholeheartedly recommend both George and Linda for those who want to learn what the Principles are all about as well as those who want to teach the Principles to others. Additionally George's perspective on the role of the Principles in relationship to Leadership/business success makes him an outstanding mentor for folks in the private business sector. The bottom line is that both George and Linda are remarkable Mentors that I believe can significantly help those who want to truly understand how life operates and as a result live happy and productive lives."
–Dick Bozoian, Formerly of BAE Systems HR


"In a word, George and Linda Pransky have been an inspirational component of my life. Many years ago, we began a mentoring relationship that continues to this day—with their wisdom, love, and support at the heart of my ability to reach others as a principle-based practitioner. George and Linda have set the standard in teaching the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. I thank my lucky stars for my association with these two wonderful people."
–Garret Kramer, founder of Inner Sports and author of Stillpower and The Path of No Resistance


"In my development as a practitioner of the principles we inherited from Sydney Banks' insights and epiphany, George Pransky was an invaluable and deeply appreciated mentor and trainer. As long as I have known him, he has carried a deep presence, a keen intellectual understanding of how these principles apply to personal life and relationships and an effective way of communicating that understanding to both clients and practitioners. He provided not only a clear and solid framework for grasping the principles and their applications but an ability to transfer that understanding to many of us trying to find our way to doing the same for others. I consider the many years we worked together as a gift in my development and part of my foundation in my current career."
–Ken Manning, Ph.D., President, Insight Principles, Inc.

"Their warm hearted and understanding style makes it easy to address your doubts, questions, and concerns. They have a way of making you feel the potential to realize your way to developing as an impactful three principles practitioner. It is fun working with them, particularly, as you gain insights about the principles. They treat you as a colleague on this road to discovery. They are the masters of both the understanding of the principles and how to teach this understanding to others.

Linda and George Pransky are pioneers in bringing the principles to the world. Their grounding and insight for the principles is very deep and, really, unparalleled in our principles community. In fact, they have created many of the ideas that are now being presented by three principles practitioners worldwide."
–Mark Howard, PhD. Three Principles Institute

"After I had my personal experience with Syd Banks where my mind felt blown apart, even though I knew I was forever changed I had no idea how to integrate this Truth into my personal life. George became my mentor and took me under his wing. I am forever indebted to him for helping it all make sense in a very practical way, for deepening my grounding considerably and for helping me see how to effectively teach from the inside-out. And it was Linda who truly helped me to understand deep listening and to see some of my hidden thinking. I simply don't know where I would be in my understanding without George and Linda. They are phenomenal mentors and I highly recommend them."
–Jack Pransky, Ph.D., Author, Somebody Should Have Told Us!, Modello, and more, Director, Center for Inside-Out Understanding


"Both George and Linda have helped me deepen my understanding of the principles tremendously. I think that anyone who has the opportunity to study the principles with George and Linda Pransky is very fortunate."
–Annika Hurwitt Schahn, Ph.D.


"The critical aspect of seeing clearly how to work from the Three Principles is discovering internal quietude -- the capacity to listen and connect to one's own wisdom. Pransky & Associates provides mentorship that offers opportunities to observe, learn, practice and reflect, exposing mentors to many clients in many situations and offering multiple opportunities to meet other practitioners. Their approach to mentorship is heartfelt and multi-dimensional. In a beautiful setting, among warm and friendly colleagues with a profound understanding of the Principles and unshakeable faith in people, the journey of discovery is natural."
–Judy Sedgeman


"George Pransky is in a class by himself in his ability to help professionals relate to their clients. What I learned from his course enabled me to have a deeper rapport with clients without having to increase the time I spent with these clients. The result - the clients trusted me more, I enjoyed my practice more, and my referral rate went up significantly. I couldn't possibly endorse his course more enthusiastically."
–Rob G., Attorney


"I thought I had a pretty deep understanding of the principles before I came out. My goal going out was to go deeper and see how I could teach the principles in sport and I can't tell you how many insights I've had since I've been here. I thought I was going deep before but (after coming to La Conner) I suddenly understood what depth was. And something like that is your foundation for everything."
–Ed T. Mental conditioning coach