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There has been a revolutionary set of discoveries in the field of psychology that gives people a clear understanding of how our minds work.

Dr. George Pransky & Linda Pransky

We teach people these discoveries and as a result, our clients get out from under their unproductive, circular, and exhaustive thinking.

The products and programs we offer give you a solid grasp of the way we can use our minds for and against ourselves. Once you understand what we're showing you, it changes the way you see and experience the entire world.

"I've always wanted transformation and to do better. Reading personal development books and self help tirelessly. However, when I found George's recordings, I found magic. Play a tape and your life transforms. So simple. So unbelievable. Truly a treasure. The cost of the recording is so easily justified as the insights will unravel all your stresses and strengthen your peace of mind tremendously. Really experienced a wonderful change with George. Eternally grateful."


- Jacob

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New Releases

Pransky Addiction Audio Set Product


A 3 Part Audio Series with George Pransky


George's perspective on addiction challenges the common thinking and offers a new approach to overcoming it. By questioning traditional methods, he provides a fresh perspective that can help those struggling with addiction find their way out.

The Secret to Mental Health Book Cover

The Secret to Mental Health

An Operating Manual for the Human Mind


What if nothing is wrong with you, but instead you have been living under the greatest misunderstanding of your mind works? Through personal stories and client vignettes, the reader can learn of a profound way to understand our minds to help all of us live with more ease and peace in our lives.

How to be a Coach Online Course

How to be a Coach

A Self-Paced Online Course with George & Linda


Pransky & Associates has been developing coaches using a revolutionary approach to psychology for decades. Access their wisdom from home with our brand new Online Course for Coaches.

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Tea & Cookies

Coaches Support Group & Community

Tea & Cookies offers 90-minute group sessions with Linda twice a month, where you can ask Linda client questions and get personalized support in your development as a coach. The subscription comes with access to all session archives. Join anytime and benefit from the on-going program, which includes a coaches forum for additional support and connection. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your personal and professional growth.

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