Why should you do coaching?

  • Talking to a live person (by phone or video call) can help you to see the relevance of the learning in your life, it can connect the dots

  • It can help you to see some patterns of thought that are so ingrained they are often invisible to us

  • Coaching calls allow you to ask questions about the content of the course if there are gaps in your learning.

  • This course represents a different aspect of life that can be hard to see and hard to talk about.  A common comment we hear from coaching clients is "I don't really have anyone to talk to about this and I love our conversations even if I don't have any particular 'problems', it's just nice to have a real and meaningful dialog with someone who won't argue with me.

  • Lastly, having live conversations with a coach brings a sense of connection and community and brings a life to your learning.




Who does the coaching?

All of our coaching is done by the creators of the course, Kara Stamback and Erika Bugbee. 


How much does coaching cost?

A coaching package is $975 for four one-hour sessions (Retail value $1,300)


How long are the sessions?

Each coaching session is one hour long


Do I have to sign up for coaching before I start the course?

Nope, you can sign up anytime.  The only thing we require is that you are actively viewing the course in the time frame that you do your coaching.  The coaching is intended to supplement the learning from the course so you must be doing the course (even if it's a second or third time) while doing coaching.


If my wife and I both want to do coaching, do we do coaching together?

If two people in a couple want to do coaching we do two separate coaching packages. The reason for this is that it is not intended to be couples counseling but instead to teach a person in a relationship something that shifts their mindset.  When a person's mindset shifts how they see the other person and the relationship changes and they bring something different to the relationship. It's a bonus that the coaching helps them in their personal life in addition to what they get for their relationship. One person doing coaching can improve the relationship significantly and it can improve even more if both do coaching. 


How do I sign up for coaching?

Just contact our office: mail@pranskyandassociates.com or (360) 466-5200

Here's what people who have done coaching have said:



"I found the multi-media aspect great...lecture, animation, metaphor, webinars, and coaching...the total experience made this really unique...I've never gone so far in such a short period of time!"


Elaine Huggins

"My life has genuinely transformed during the period of this course and the coaching sessions. Thank you for a brilliant learning experience."  


Francesco Barbera