There has been a revolutionary set of discoveries in the field of psychology that gives people a clear understanding of how change actually happens. When people change on the inside, it changes how they go about their lives and their relationships. We teach people these discoveries. As a result, our clients get out from under their unproductive, circular, and exhaustive thinking. 

Would you believe our first recordings were on tape? We've since updated to CDs and digital downloads and love the ease with which our clients use them. We offer a vast library of topics relevant to almost any person or situation. Listen in your car, on your phone or on your computer.  The more often you listen, the more you benefit.

The INSIGHT Online Course takes you step-by-step through the basics of what you need to know to find freedom from the pressure, anxiety and fear that so many people live with. It is an in-depth online course that shows you how your thinking works, how that affects the way you feel in your life and how it is possible to change. You can take INSIGHT as a stand-alone program or pair it with the coaching package listed below.

A brief program with a beginning, middle and end.  We start from scratch and build a momentum around something that you've been putting off or ignoring because it's too hard to think about or you've gotten stuck in a loop with no progress. It's also a way to go deeper in your understanding of the principles, especially if you've plateaued in what you're seeing.

This is our flagship and most popular program. It is a learning and development retreat to give you a solid grasp of the principles we teach, which have the potential to change everything about your life.


During four days in our small and scenic town you will have one-on-one meetings with your consultant twice each day. There will be breaks in between sessions for reflection and review of supporting materials. The meetings consist of discussion and directive learning that is specifically oriented to your life and current situation.


Phone follow-up is included in the program and helps keep the learning alive after you return home.