Keep the learning alive!

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This learning is more of direction than a destination.  As you continue to learn, the impact will be greater and a little goes a long way. Keep in mind that as well-intentioned as we all are about keeping this learning alive, it often takes a back seat to the demands of life.  That is very common.  Our suggestion: Remember this course when you struggle, you're overwhelmed, frustrated, when you're in the drama.  Your mind might tell you that it couldn’t help to revisit this material, but don't listen to it, it's a trick!  It can help.  Watch the videos again, put the MP3s on your ipod and listen to them in your car.  Remember this course and this learning as a resource.  Here is a list of proactive ways you can continue your learning:


Stay connected to the course material - it's yours!

Once you purchase the course the content is yours.  You have access to it for as long as the course exists online (except when we're offering it and for maintenance).  Here are some ways you can proactively stay connected to the material:

  • Download the video, audio and transcripts and review them regularly or periodically.
  • Participate in future offerings of INSIGHT.  We'll let you know when a new one is starting up.  We'll be adding new content to the course in future offerings as well (we already have ideas that we’ve been working on based on your feedback).  We will keep you posted when we launch a new session.

  • Shop our store for more products.  Generalize your learning to relationships, leadership and even specific topics like "Doing Down Well", "Forgiveness" or "Fear".  Also on our store are materials by Sydney Banks, which are valuable as source materials.


Take advantage of the free resources that are out there


  • PRANSKY BLOG  The blog on our website offers a variety of insights on a wide variety of topics, and often include links to video and audio bonuses.  Click here to browse our archived blog posts.
  •  The Three Principles Global Community (3PGC) is a non-profit organization that is committed to bringing an understanding of the Three Principles that the INSIGHT course is based on to people throughout the world. They offer a great variety of blogs, videos, and audios, including several with Sydney Banks. Check out their website at

  • SYDNEY BANKS' WEBSITE  On lesson 8 we included an audio of Sydney Banks, upon whose philosophy our work and this course is based. Although his teachings are more philosophical and less applied, we consider his materials very important as source materials.  We highly recommend continuing to use his recordings and books as a resource in your learning.  You will find some of his recordings on the 3PGC website (above) and a small collection of Sydney Banks’ thoughts and videos are available on his website at

Invest in a one-on-one program to personalize your learning


  • Consider a coaching program

Talking to a live person (by phone or video call) can help you to see the relevance of the learning in your life, it can connect the dots.  Coaching can help you to see some patterns of thought that are so engrained they are often invisible to us.  Coaching calls allow you to ask questions about the content of the course if there are gaps in your learning.  Lastly, having live conversations with a coach brings a sense of connection and community and brings a life to your learning.

To find out more about coaching click here and to sign up contact our office at 360.466.5200. 


  • Do a 4-Day Intensive

Ready for a more intensive learning opportunity?  Consider a one-on-one 4-Day intensive program here in La Conner.  It excellent opportunities to bring this learning to life.  We work with individuals, couples, familes and leaders.  If you are a coach and are looking for professional development, check out our practitioners page for interesting opportunities.


Join, browse or post on the private Facebook forum

Take advantage of the INSIGHT Facebook community that is part of our INSIGHT course. If you’re already a member of the forum, check back periodically to see what people are sharing.  If you’re not yet a part of it, consider joining.  You don’t have to post yourself, you can just browse the things other people post.  Even after you’re done with the course, come share your insights and questions within this growing community. Kara and Erika will monitor the group and answer questions whenever we can.  Click here to join the forum (it’s private so once you get there, request to join and we’ll approve your request within one business day (usually sooner!).


 Help to create a larger community of people who share this understanding


  • ​​People don't know what's possible

People don’t know that this is out there and this learning has never been as accessible as this course makes it. If you think they'd be interested, let the people in your life know about this course and help to grow the community.

Don’t know how to explain what it is or why it was helpful?  No problem, send them this link to the INSIGHT page on our website.

There’s an entertaining 3-minute video about the course and answers to every possible question someone might have.

  • Create a group around you that can be a mini-community

Could your management team use some of this?  Are you a coach with a group of clients that you’d like to send through this course?  We even have a family that signed up 12 members in this session.  If you have a group that would benefit from this learning, let us know, we offer group discounts and we are creative in adapting our coaching programs to the needs of your group.  We are a member of a group of people who are committed to continuing their understanding of these principles (Pransky and Associates) and it really helps us. We'd love to help you develop a like-minded group as well.


Visit our store for recordings and books that will help you with specific areas in your life

You will find titles for every possible application in your life: personal, relationship, business and more.  Some of our more popular titles: Busy Mind, Four Things We Were Taught to do in Relationships that don't Work, the Relationship Handbook as well as Sydney Banks books and CDs.  You'll also find recorded webinars on topics like 'Can't Measure Up to your own High Standards?'.  All products are organized by subject also so click here to come on by and browse!



 Keep in touch and make suggestions for future content

We hope this is the beginning of our relationship with you, that we’ll see in in future sessions of INSIGHT and maybe in other courses.  We love hearing from past clients and we are always looking for suggestions for future courses so let us know if you have ideas!  Just thinking in this direction (even if it's suggestions for new topics) will keep your learning going.


Happy Learning!


Kara and Erika