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La Conner, Washington

La Conner is an idyllic waterfront town with less than 1,000 residents, making it small and intimate. Many hotels, restaurants and shops are within walking distance of our office. 

The Skagit Valley is the pearl of the Pacific Northwest, boasting views of the Puget Sound, the Cascade mountain range and abundant farmland. The beauty of the valley draws artists that sell their art in the uniquely un-touristy shops. As La Conner is just an hour and a half from both Seattle and Vancouver, either is an easy day trip. We benefit from a disproportionate number of great restaurants that serve food fresh from farm and sea.

As quiet reflection is an important part of the learning process, you couldn't find a better location to spend four days. If you visit on your own you will find the intimate and friendly setting comforting and easy. 

La Conner, WA Boardwalk

Visiting for an upcoming program?

See below for more information on accommodations, attire, financial arrangements and travel. 



There are several routes from SeaTac airport to La Conner, if you will be renting a car.


If you prefer to take a shuttle, we recommend The Bellair Charter Airport Service which requires an advanced reservation. This Shuttle has other passengers and makes several stops, but it is the most reasonably priced and convenient. The shuttle station is about an eight minute drive to La Conner. You will need to Uber or take a taxi to get the final destination.  

Our Recommendations

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