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How People Change: The difference between our approach and the popular cognitive-type approach

Erika Bugbee explains how the point of cognitive approaches is to try change or manage the way someone thinks. This process usually involves reframing or giving instructions, answers, or explanations.  In contrast, the principles-based approach (the approach we use at Pransky and Associates) teaches people how their thinking works, that it can actually change and improve naturally on its own. When people realize that their thinking will eventually self-correct, several things happen. The person avoids the trap of feeling pressure to manage or escape their thinking, the people helping them feel less pressure and concern about them, and they both get a boost in confidence about the person who’s struggling.

This video was intended for practitioners, but Erika shows how these two approaches differ in a parenting example with her 10-year-old son, so parents find this helpful as well.


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