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Pride Comes Before the Fall

Pride and arrogance is the feeling we all fall into when our thinking tells us we’re somehow superior, and we believe it. We forget that our own thinking misleads us — we forget what actually is, we lose touch with what’s really happening. We think the feeling of pride is telling us we really are superior, and that’s how the system works. We constantly forget that our feelings are not coming from what’s happening in life around us, they’re simply coming from whatever our thinking has cooked up in the moment. The feeling of pride is not a sign that we actually are superior, it’s simply a sign that we have a bunch of superior thinking floating around in our heads and we’ve bought into it. In those moments, we buy into our own thinking, while everyone around us can see the truth, because that’s the sneaky, subtle nature of thought. All of our feelings work like that — feelings tell us what’s inside of our heads, not what’s outside in the world around us. We have so many chances to see this because we all get foolishly carried away in pride, so if the feeling itself doesn’t jolt us back into reality, the “fall” usually does the trick. If you’re like every other person on the planet, you have enough sensibility and plenty of chances to wake up to your own foolishness so ultimately, the deck is always stacked in our favor.


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