The Logic of The Cure

Updated: Jan 25

John, at 22, always had his heart set on becoming a lawyer. He saw it as his chosen profession following in the footsteps of his father. How shocking it was the moment he flunked out of law school. He was humiliated and dejected as never before. He thought his future had suddenly slipped down the drain. He felt like he had to start all over again, against all odds, deprived of his dreams. He carried these negative feelings to varying degrees just as one lugs a backpack up the mountain.

Years later, in retrospect, he looks back at those emotionally turbulent times with puzzlement. “There’s always going to be setbacks in life, I don’t know why I took that one so seriously,” he thought to himself. “Of course there are other careers out there, and I can see now that enjoyment of any job is really in the eye of the beholder.” He wonders, “Why couldn’t I see at the time that failure is a part of life, and that it’s only a problem if I dwell on it? Look at all the enjoyment I missed out on because of my perceptions of life at that time. Look at all the unnecessary stress and distress that I suffered out of ignorance. If I could only re-do my youth knowing what I know now!”