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The Secret to Mental Health Book Interview with Rachel Langer

George's newest book, The Secret to Mental Health: An operating Manual for the Human Mind, was started over a decade ago and we are thrilled to finally have it out in the world. Take a few minutes to listen to this heartwarming interview between the author, George, and colleague, Rachel Langer. As described in the video, Rachel was integral in the process of editing the book. They talk about who the book is for, when it was first started, and the hope it offers for humanity.

View the Secret to Mental Health Book Interview with Rachel Langer below:

To get your copy of the book on Amazon, click here.

What others are saying...

"Wow! Just… wow! The Secret to Mental Health: An Operating Manual for the Human Mind is a breathtaking, mind-bending introduction to a game-changing Principles-based psychology by one of its leading practitioners over the past 50 years. Through sharing his own dramatic life-change and dozens of real-life client examples, Dr. George Pransky introduces the reader to their own potential for happiness, well-being, and a richer life in every sense of the word."

- Michael Neill, international bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and Supercoach

"The work of Dr. George Pransky has literally changed my life. And now he's delivered a brilliant masterpiece of a book that will change the lives of countless other readers. This Operating Manual is nothing less than the solution to our current age of unhappiness and confusion."

- Steve Chandler, author of Time Warrior

"The Secret to Mental Health: An Operating Manual for the Human Mind presents the reader with the Principles of Mental Health that the Psychology field has been trying to discover. Through Dr. Pransky's personal journey toward his understanding of these Principles, his vignettes, and his client's stories, the reader is filled with hope that happiness, peace of mind, love and understanding are possible now."

- Mark Howard, PhD

“I’ve been to the practitioner retreat and other live events and I’ve most of your audio / video library. And all the other books.  

Still, the new book is a very compelling narrative and I saw lots that I hadn’t seen before to the same level. I also appreciated the vignettes where people in the existing paradigms of psychology had conversations. I’ve had many of those.”  

- Darragh Power

“George clearly articulates the paradigm shift that came through Sydney Banks, and how this understanding changed George's life, and those of many others.  The vignettes bring home the impact of the principles on many people, and the common challenges where the inside out understanding challenges the prevailing views. George's logic, examples, and good will are compelling.  Full disclosure, I've trained with George and Linda and bought other books and audio materials and all are great. This book is a wonderful articulation of a life changed by an understanding that changes lives, and the ripple effects on others.  Read it, and look for your own ripple effect.” 

- Anonymous

“I really enjoyed this book. George Pransky really offered some amazing idea's and concepts that had me thinking about how I live my daily life. A must listen or read!”  

- Bob Ridgely 

“I am so grateful to George for writing this important (and interesting!) book over the summers —cruising in a boat while Linda was fishing! This book makes George’s powerful work accessible to every day, ordinary persons. We were part of the early community that formed around Syd Banks’ talks and attest to the accuracy of those transformative early days. BRAVO and Thank you, George! (This book is clearly a great gift for my friends and colleagues.)” 

- Anonymous

"I have read this book cover to cover, twice. And will read it again. This book is extraordinary for the mental health professional AND the average person like me. I was tired of the psycho babble, self help shallowness. This book holds the keys to changing ALL of that for you as it did for me. I have had the pleasure of meeting the author and he is the real deal. I cannot recommend this book too highly."

- Dusty Rollins

"This book offers hope to people who suffer from mental illnesses of all kinds, no matter, how “severe” they are and how long they suffered from them.

Sadly, what Dr. Pranksy writes about, is still a secret, but everybody should know about it. You can simply by reading this book. What he writes about might look too simple to be true. But isn’t that what we mostly say after we’ve discovered something new? Home come we didn’t notice it earlier?

I suggest you read the book once from the beginning to the end, because the structure is gold. You’ll find lots of real life examples. Some of your questions and concerns might be answered in the chapter to come. And when you’ve finished it, read it again. It won’t be the same book, because you’ll read something new.

When you are open to seeing something new, things start to look differently. Your world changes before your own eyes. Not because you did some fancy techniques, but because you recognized something for yourself. You received a new operating manual for your mind and your life.

The magic happens without you having to do anything than: look for yourself. Be curious. Might this be true? Can I see it in my own life? What if it’s really that simple? What if there’s mental health on the table - even for me?

If you’re looking for a book that might change your life - here it is. Enjoy unlocking the Secret to Mental Health."

- Michaela Thiede

"This book is quite controversial but could be revolutionary. The idea that we are all innate healthy beings and that mental illness simply does not exist. It can be so comforting for people who have received endless labels. I think the book would work best if one has a mentor/teacher that can show them how these principles manifest is one's life. It's quite hard to become this aware by just reading the text. But it is a great start and in many ways eye opening!"

- Tess

"In my work as a psychologist, I was always interested in helping clients access greater well-being. It was often a long and painful process. When I met Dr. Pransky, a research study by Yale University had just come out stating that there were 450 different theoretical approaches to treating people in psychotherapy. There were no universal principles in the field of psychology that could simply explain the cause of every labelled “mental illness”. And the field of psychology was not pointing people toward a deeper intelligence in all people that could create well-being in people regardless of past circumstances and present moment problems. Dr. Pransky became a pioneer in the field of psychology for taking the enlightened teachings of Mr. Sydney Banks, who realized the Three Principles underlying all human experience, and translating these teachings to the field of psychology. Dr. Pransky’s book truly is a principle-based “operating manual for the human mind”. Prepare yourself to have uplifting insights into the power of thought as it creates all of your experiences and into your “innate well-being”. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a life that is grounded in peace, happiness and love!"

-Dicken Bettinger

"The Secret to Mental Health: An Operating Manual for Human Mind was just released by my dear friend Dr. George Pransky. George has been my mentor for many years, and the principles he teaches have had a huge impact on my well-being. He understands the human mind at a deep level, and has taught this understanding to mental health professionals, businessmen, and folks like you and I worldwide. I’m so excited that he has shared his knowledge of how thought, consciousness, and mind work together to produce our experience of reality. This wonderful book explains these ideas in a clear and concise way, along with real-life stories from people whose lives have been dramatically changed for the better by George’s understanding of how we can achieve mental well-being. I highly recommend this book if you are at all curious about how you can realize more peace, contentment and happiness in your life."

-James Bentz

"What an incredible read. So insightful and helpful. It was a treat from start to finish. George has a wonderfully clear and simple way of writing and explaining through his vast professional experience, highly relatable real life anecdotes and evidence.It felt like a thousand lightbulbs switching on inside my mind. Pure joy and gratitude to you George and your incredible team for sharing your wisdom."

-Sue Hean


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