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Your Mind May go Over to the Dark Side but Here's How Quickly You can Snap Out of It

In case you missed it, our last blog post was about how we all have settings like a washing machine that we sometimes get stuck on, like worry, anxiety or judgement.  In this week's audio blog Erika talks about how one of her settings was going to the "dark side".  That's a very common setting. We get down on ourselves and get very dark and it's easy to get stuck in that setting.

But Erika has a fresh perspective on that (and a funny story) which helps you see that you're never ultimately stuck, even if you think you are.

This clip is taken from a webinar interview with Erika Bugbee by Primal Happiness. We'll release several clips in the next few weeks and we will also make the whole interview available soon so stay tuned. Click here to listen to the recording.

Next week's blog talks about a trend we call 'Adult-Onset- Seriousness' and Erika's moment of "spiritual weight loss."



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