Awakening the Health Within

Awakening the Health Within



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    People often think that change requires a lot of motivation. But people can actually experience remarkable changes in their lives without having to work on themselves. This recording points people to their own innate health for lasting change. This recording is 39:09 minutes long.




    "It is so pleasant and interesting to live life knowing the fact of innate wisdom in each person. My interactions with people have been amazing since I've realized this! Thank you so much for waking me up!"



    "This talk is presented so superbly that it ends up seeming so obvious as to why all my efforts to improve by employing techniques, will-power, lots and lots of effort-filled thinking never really worked out too well. Poor results, and the journey wasn't much fun either. Dr. Pransky presents the avenue to how we truly experience lasting change in such a simple, seemingly obvious way; yet I (and most others) seem to overlook this understanding. Takes more humility than does the effort-filled, technique laden path."



    "Personally, I have never been a big fan of motivational speakers. I seemed to realise that their effect was temporary but this recording has given me a much clearer understanding that I can share with others. It has helped me see the field of Personal Development in a whole new light and I can clear out the many books that I accumulated as I struggled to "fix" my depression without a "second thought"."



    "For anyone who has ventured into the realms of 'self help' and found themselves wondering why it wasn't working, will find real resonance with what George explains in this audio. It really struck a chord with me and made so much sense and explained fully many questions I held. I really enjoyed the understanding that was brought through. George Pransky's style is easy and gentle and carries with it a depth of knowledge and brings with it clarity and understanding."


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