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Busy Mind



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    This is our most popular recording.  People that have a busy mind do not see it as a problem, they see it as an asset. But when people have a relaxed mind they are less   likely to feel overloaded, stressed or make mistakes. They feel engaged by life

    Recording time: 1 hour 30 minutes




    "This audio hit the spot for me. I didn't realize how much calmer my mind could be. I still feel like I am going faster than I would like to, but this audio opened up a new possibility for me to explore this in more depth and I can already see the results."



    "Just slowing down to George's pace of talking slowed me down. Full of stuff that helped me think of things differently."



    "As always I get great value out of what George and Linda create."



    "I have been aware of the principles for some time but gained new understanding of the difficulties caused by a busy mind and the advantaged of slowing down as ever there are no techniques to learn nothing to memorise. Your own desire will put you on a learning curve to slowing down."



    "I've been using this audio series with clients for more than ten years, and it always has amazing impact. People with very busy minds begin to have awareness of their own mental velocity, and that awareness in itself begins to slow their minds down. They are very grateful for that, and so am I!



    "These two MP3's gave me great insights on what I do with my mind and how it can be different, even for me as a too fast thinker!"



    "I never had time. I was busy. I hated to waste my time shopping, i was annoyed at people who were taking my time (these people included my family and friends). I was constantly multitasking. I was tired... I listened to this audio and I understood how I was hurting myself. It does not make sense to hurt myself any more. A lot if activities that were filling my days stopped making sense. Peace of mind, relaxed days, enjoyment of life, deeper connection with people come naturally now...and at the same time my productivity is so much better."



    "Just after I had my first breakthrough with the Principles I realized just how fast my mind ticked over. It was scary fast. This product really brought home to me how important it is to let my thinking slow down, and gave me some ideas about how to do that. Great delivery. Highly recommended."


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