Confidence: Own It or Rent It

Confidence: Own It or Rent It



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    Some people have confidence naturally and some people strive to be good at life so they can get confidence. This recording presents a completely different logic for where confidence comes from and it’s very hopeful for anyone wanting to feel more confident in life.

    Recording time: 38 minutes




    "Every time I listen to George he blows my mind. This audio was no different. Having struggled with anxiety over the years I was very much taught from the school of "feel the fear and do it anyway". So much so that when I first listened to this audio, I didn't get it. So I listened to it again...and again...and then the lightbulb went off. I'd never heard of anyone talk about confidence in this way and, if I had done, I'd have saved myself a lot of time and money on books and courses that approach it from a completely different perspective. Love George and love the insights he shares here!"


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