Continuing Education Series: The Three Principles

Continuing Education Series: The Three Principles



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      In casual conversation, Elsie Spittle and Linda Pransky share their understanding of the principles and their experience working with clients.Topics include:What does it mean to go "home" and to take your clients to that "feeling"Your presence as the practitionerUse of "models" in your workConnecting to your wisdom in the moment




      "My title (Wonderful tips for practitioners!!!!) might suggest the teachers Linda and Elsie on the DVD are telling the new or the experienced practitioner on how to go about sharing the principles but that's not what I mean. However, I did love a few things they mentioned as follows: 1) Elsie said "Don't put Sydney Banks on a pedestal" and I love that cos according to me when you put someone on a pedestal means only he/she could experience what he/she experienced. But the beautiful thing is anybody and everybody has the inner wisdom and it can happen to anyone and that's good cos that makes people very humble and especially as a 3P practitioner, one could be egoistic and feel he/she knows everything and is at a higher level than his clients or students when in actual fact I loved Elsie and Linda's story about their respective clients where the clients taught them a lot. Beautiful!!! 2) I also loved what Linda said we tend to make insights into models just cos it worked before we try to repeat it again hoping it works again but it sometimes doesn't...that again is so humbling in my experience it allows us to be more open what wisdom has to say and allow our students or clients or anybody we come in contact with, to trust, their wisdom will guide them and not think that without my advice or suggestion it will be difficult for the other to have a better life. 3) I also loved what George said about Sydney banks getting an insight who was an ordinary welder outside of the field of psychology & psychiatry, isn't that a wonderful news...again it shows anybody & anybody whether one's a janitor, lift man, waiter or anybody else, they all have that power within themselves and again it's so humbling..... Wow a great dvd, highly recommendable!! thank you Elsie, Linda & George for releasing such a wonderful product or should I say it's a gift from you guys."



      "It was a unique experience of watching two 3P Trainers from different backgrounds and life experiences explaining how they got involved and the affects in their personal and professional lives from the beginning to now as they connect for the purpose of the dvd. For the new to the experienced Trainer this dvd does provide the on-going continuing education and support in understanding how to experience and share one's spirit, being understanding and open when roles change for trainer & student and most of all being in the present and giving your story from the heart(home) with or without audio-visual needs."


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