Dating & Selecting a Mate

Dating & Selecting a Mate



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    If people think about their own personal standards, evaluate, and judge during a date, they are not present to enjoy the date. The high road in dating is being present in the moment, overlook personal thinking, and see the possibility of how good the relationship can be.

    Recording time: 1 hour 17 minutes




    "I have listened to the audio over and over though the start period with my boyfriend. I could have found a million reasons to quit the relationship, but thanks to this audio, I stayed. And I'm really grateful I did. It removed most of my neurotic speculation and made it easy to see through the rest to allow myself to just to enjoy. To let go of the fear and trust my inner guidance. To open my heart and let love flow into my life and though me."



    "If you really let this sink in...what is said in this 2 part audio series could not only transform your relationships..but could completely change how you feel and how you live life in general! While listening to this..I tapped into a deeply reflective and very pleasant state of mind..and it was the first time I really FELT and "got" what was only an idea before. Profound!"



    "I was a bit hesitant when purchasing this audio, most things I've listened to on this subject have been rather vague, condescending and or not terribly helpful. Also, since George is happily married, I was wondering if he could even relate to the subject in a helpful way. I was pleasantly blown away by the simplicity, beauty and truth of his words. Two thumbs up, thank you very much!"



    "This audio speaks so many truths about not only dating but even just socializing to begin with. George does a phenomenal job connecting the 3p mindset and explains its role in regards to the dating and social interaction scenario. Especially when you are just trying to represent your truest self to someone you may or may not want to continue a relationship with. After listening to this tape I feel much more confident to even inspire a date to begin with and have no fear that I will let any insecurity or nervous tension get in the way with how I truly feel. I will also not catch myself leading anyone on in the wrong direction because my mentality now will be true and my response will reflect that with confidence. Great audio that I’ve listened to twice and plan to revisit again. My dates are going to kick ass from now on. Whether serious or just for fun ;)"


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