Desires, Wants & Needs

Desires, Wants & Needs



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    The presence and strength of our desires, wants and needs can be used to tell us how far we are from our own satisfaction and happiness. The power to be satisfied is in all human beings. When we see the illusion of chasing what we think will make us happy our dissatisfaction turns to humility or even amusement and our happiness comes back.

    Recording time: 38 minutes 




    "Dr. Pransky's recordings are so helpful -- I have several that I listen to in the car on the way to and from work. It is a relief to see that happiness need not (and indeed, cannot, in any lasting fashion) be dependent upon your circumstances (dream job/career, dream wife, dream whatever...). Dr. Pransky's recordings should be listened to more than once -- I find new tidbits of wisdom each time I listen!"



    "Some of the best advice anyone could ever get. Very clear and well explained. I had an inkling that the way of looking at preferences, desires and needs presented in this talk would be helpful, but it was so useful to have that sense confirmed. If you want to be happy, listen with an open mind. I think this should be on iTunes, so more people will find it. It's such a helpful message. I only happened to be on this website because I'm reading The Relationship Handbook at the moment. It feels a bit hidden, but it's a helpful message for a mass audience (the human race!) as far as I'm concerned!"



    "Let me answer one question. How helpful can 37 minutes of audio be? The presentation is clear and short, and afterwards I found myself looking at my own life with fresh eyes. Time and time again I would see where I would go off-track and get back on-track. This was very helpful for me. And so the concept of what wants needs and desires point to is told in a short time, but it plays out in pretty much everything in life."



    "This short audio debunks all the myths on what living a fulfilling life requires."



    "This is one of my favorites if not my favorite of George's tapes. Profound and simple truth that allows me to calm my thinking down as I listen...I feel sheer relief and exhilaration when that happens. What a freedom, to know that one can be fully happy right here, right now, even before our lives are set up perfectly to our liking. And, even better - to actually FEEL that happiness in the moment. That's what this recording does for me. Grateful.




    "This is a really remarkable audio. Shows how to increase your inner gratitude and happiness. I was inspired by this audio to learn more about tapping into my inner wellbeing. I feel so much better already. I've listened to a number of George's downloads but this is my favourite so far."


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