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    This is one of our most popular recordings. Trying to live up to being something that we naturally are not, but we think we should be, causes us pain. Pain is the gap between our self-image or self judgement and our natural being. Just being ourselves leads us to ease and wiser decisions.

    Recording time: 44 minutes




    "I have listened to this recording twice so far and found it very insightful. It is fairly short and Mr Pransky speaks slowly, which he explains helps listeners. There is not a huge amount of information to take in, but the message is profound and contrary to so much of the instructions we are fed. I was able to listen to it in one sitting, and then again for a second time in one sitting. The style and content does not overwhelm. Ego, the recording, will help you to liberate yourself from your own ego. Recommended."



    "This is a deep and profound recording, which found its way straight to my heart. I can't recommend this warmly enough."



    "This audio "points to" the very creation of the self made identities we all make about ourselves, others and spend so much time and energy trying to validate......OUR PERSONAL THINKING! I've listened to this audio 3 times already and every time I gain more insights on how "tied up" I've been to my own identity. By far my favorite of the Pransky audio series and the one I held back from getting the longest....ha"



    "The first time I listened to this, I was a little distracted so I didn't really take it in. But the second time, It made so much sense to me, that on many occasions I would feel really low when I felt that my Ego or Identity was not what I thought it was. One of those times was when I held my identity as a businessman and web designer, and when I sat down with someone and worked out my costings, I wasn't making much money. I had attached my self esteem to being a businessman and when I realised that I wasn't making money, I felt like a total failure and it hurt really bad. Another thing I saw what that I held on to being 'shy' or 'socially anxious' as my identity and that I could not be confident as confident people were not like I was. But I have realised that I can just be myself, be confident and happy in my own skin. Thank you George."



    "I first heard George Pransky on ego in the early 90s, and his insights have served me very well. Scientists talk about "elegance" in solutions, meaning the best ones are beautiful in their clean, simple, practical application--so too GP on ego."


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