Emotional Reaction Spirals

Emotional Reaction Spirals



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    Negative emotional reactions are a fact of life. We often link them to circumstances or to other people. When we understand that these reactions are caused by thought we can treat them as temporary storms of the mind and they weaken over time. This plays a major role in the success and quality of our relationships.

    Recording time: 40 minutes 




    "This is one of those tapes that has a broader scope than just the topic at hand, yes it's about relationships but it's also about gaining a deeper understanding of what takes us out of life. Loved it and will be listening to it again and again!"



    "I already knew that George's insights on relationships are the best out there. Nevertheless this MP3 was the cherry on the cake. This is such clear information on how emotional spirals are a burden on your relationship and how to solve it. My partner and I are live in much more harmony now (and we were already doing really fine!). Thank you George!"


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