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    People think they have their reasons for holding onto grudges and painful memories. These reasons are a misunderstanding. In our own well-being, we are more than equipped to handle what life throws at us.  Hanging onto painful memories and grudges just contaminates our life.

    Recording time: 36 minutes




    "Like all products of Dr. Pransky are transformational, simply listen and without realizing start living differently, behave differently, and of course also start to see life differently. Forgiveness will help you clean up your mind and live more fully."



    "I would recommend listening to this without any distractions and just be open to what George says. I was holding a grudge with someone who let me down a couple of years ago and felt sick when I thought about him. But after listening to this, I someone let that go. There was no technique involved, just a realization that it was ok to let go of. It was just a memory of upset. I love the way George says holding onto a grudge is like poking at a bruise to make it heal. I know that people get really hurt and it's tough to let go of that negative feeling, my advice is just to be open and give it a go."


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