From Red to Black

From Red to Black



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    When a company is in a spiral of bad performance the state of mind of the company is critical. Often one person can have the power to make employees hopeful again. A critical mass of hope can lead to a sharp improvement curve.

    Recording time: 27 minutes




    "I was relieved to hear that the reason for any downward spiral in a business/company can simply be the result of one's state of mind and that for a turn around in events it literally comes down to that too."



    "The content was appropriate yet there must be an associated process that can installed to integrate the basic idea of how to change thinking. Easy to say and there are small percentage of individual leaders who get it. The challenge is the subconscious embedded beliefs offered through many years if not centuries that was driven by a need to control mass thinking. So, how do you integrate the "re-thinking" for the many. Of coarse leadership behavior is a way and if enough leaders really are determined to seek new solutions and become more creative using the content George suggests then we have the start of a winning movement. Also I would invite the presentation to pick up a little speed and shift from Kinesthetic through Visual and Auditory. George could very easily hypnotize the audience, which may be a faster way to get the content installed. Cheers, I love the simplicity of the model."


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