Hawaii 1990

Hawaii 1990



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    This is a 1990 vintage recording of George Pransky and Sydney Banks speaking together at a live conference in Hawaii. Recorded in an outdoor location, the sound is muffled at times but we love this recording so much that we felt it was worth it to make it available.

    Recording time: 56 minutes




    "I love all the recordings on the website. Thank you for the opportunity. They help me deepen my understanding. I listen to them every day in my car or while I am walking."



    "I bought (and downloaded) this CD about 15 minutes ago, started listening to it, and had to write a review. 

    I am fairly new to 3 Principles (Dec 2013). Got here via Michael Neill's book. I've read a few books, listened to a few Syd Banks and George Pransky tapes and am really starting to "get" it. 

    I just want to say -- this is the BEST explanation I have found of the whole "what is this whole thing about?" thing. It's like going to a lecture with GP and SB (a great thing). If I had any advice, I would say -- just listen to the tape. Don't intellectualize, don't think too much. Just listen. See how you feel. I think (like me) you will be amazed at how you feel. All the insights (etc) will come along with this, but I would say -- spend the $12 bucks and give it a shot. This is the most/best explanation of the whole thing I have heard thus far. 

    (In the beginning, GP also explains why he speaks to slowly at times... as a NYer I was like: "come on, come on, come on!" :) 

    I am sorry this review is so long, but I really wanted to express how great, how amazingly helpful this CD is. Personally, I think they should give this one a try, or suggest it as the "first" one to listen to. 

    I promise -- I don't work for Pransky Asoc, or any of these people. I am just a "regular" person, and for some reason, this talk is completely blowing me away. I would give it 23 stars if I could. Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope it is helpful. "


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