Insecurity & Imagination

Insecurity & Imagination



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    There are times when our imagination works against us and other times when it is a wonderful thing. Uncertainty can breed the misuse of the imagination. This recording helps us to live more comfortably in the face of the unknown.

    Recording time: 40 minutes




    "I had a rough period between Christmas and new year after someone T-boned myself and my family in my car. One of the things that helped me to not sink too deep was listening to George's audios. This one in particular made me see the situation more clearly and lifted the weight off my shoulders (that I was placing on myself!). If you find you're someone who gets caught up in their head a lot it's a fantastic audio to listen to."



    "The stories demonstrate the creative power of thought that doesn't always serve us well. A coach could use examples like these to draw a client's attention to the scenarios it's possible to make up, causing someone to experience unnecessary suffering created by the innocent misunderstanding of where their experience comes from."


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