INSIGHT for Relationships Online Course for Two

INSIGHT for Relationships Online Course for Two



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    Due to the popularity of our online course INSIGHT: The Principles of a Fulfilling and High-Performance Life, we created a course customized specifically to Relationships.  To learn more about this course and what it can do for your relationship click here

    This course is:

    100% online

    About an hour a week for 8 weeks



    Coaching Options:  One-on-One coaching gives you an opportunity to discuss your learning with an experienced practitioner.  It gives you the chance to ask questions or see how it applies to a particular issue or problem you’re facing.  There are a limited number of coaching packages available. 

    Package of  4 one-on-one hour sessions: $1,020.00, ($1,615 including the course)


    *Note for those who have taken the original INSIGHT course: The course shares components of our original online course, INSIGHT: The Principles of a Fulfilling and High-Performance Life.  To learn more about the original INSIGHT course, click here. If you've already taken our original INSIGHT online course, you can purchase INSIGHT for Relationships for $180.  Please enter the code INSIGHTADDON at checkout and the discount will apply. Your registration may be delayed slightly as we confirm your registration.  We apologize for any inconvenience and will process it as quickly as we can!

    When checking out, please provide the name and email address of the person within your household who will be taking the course.




    "This course provides the best lifetime investment for anyone in a relationship, and that is everyone! Understanding the Principles that are taught so creatively on this course puts all the ups and downs of life into perspective. It is structured to guide you to an understanding of what we are beneath the conflicts and difficulties that arise in relationships to develop insight into our basic humanness. The team presents it with warmth, humour and compassion that reaches out to everyone. I cannot recommend it highly enough, my husband and I have both enjoyed and appreciated every bit of it and discovered a new and refreshing way to negotiate our own ups and downs. We were heading in the direction of a divorce before taking this course now we are enjoying a much happier life together."



    "The INSIGHT for Relationships course was remarkably impactful for me. I loved the course content, presentation and format. The presenters were wonderfully engaging, easy to understand, humorous and lighthearted. This course really helped me to shift my perspective about myself and how I relate to everyone in my life. THANKS!!!"



    "I didn't know what to expect from this program, but right from the get go I liked how George spoke about our thinking and how it is what runs our lives. I realized that is my problem in our relationship. We have so much good going on in our lives that the only thing in the way of our happiness is how we think about it or think about each other. I've only listened to Lesson One so far but I expect the rest will be very helpful."



    "This is an extra-ordinary program. Professionally-presented from a wide range of angles. What it does is it gets to the heart of relationships so relationship problems can indeed disappear. This program goes deeper into this understanding than many I have seen, and it can positively impact the whole of your life not just relationships. I suggest you watch each part of the course through twice. You'll get more out of it that way."



    "Since I am not in a couple relationship, I approached this course with some neutrality...will always be good but wrong subject for me. Was I ever wrong?! First, I expanded the idea of relationship to include stepmother, mother-in-law and grandmother. And is there ever a lot to understand and learn regarding these roles! As I age I find that there is so much to learn and that is such a blessing. Aging becomes an adventure and source of inspiration. So challenges really do become opportunities for depth and new thought. The insight that has most meaning to me at this age is that I don't have to be worried about my children or family because, YES, they also have wisdom and innate health and I don't have to fix anything! I love to be reminded of this and your wonderful course pointed me continually to my own inner resources (safety net) and the guidance of Mind or divine intelligence. Thank you so much....truly an inspired course and you all lived in a feeling of compassion, generosity, and light heartedness that vividly illustrates the power of depth."


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    We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the INSIGHT or INSIGHT for Relationships course, contact us with 30 days of your purchase and we will issue a full refund.