INSIGHT Online Course for Two

INSIGHT Online Course for Two


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    Pransky and Associates has been seeing clients one-on-one for 30 years using an innovative approach that brings real, meaningful, and lasting change.


    INSIGHT concentrates everything that we teach our clients into one 8-week course that users can experience from the privacy and comfort of their own home or office. To learn more, visit our INSIGHT information page




    "I just finished the course.

    First, I really got a lot for my money! Very professional, nice, well-produced. I really liked all the writing material.

    Secondly, with this course I have found a direction in my life. I have gained some insights, I have become aware of myself. I have become aware of my, not always so pleasant, thoughts and what they do to my mood.

    I will go back to the videos, especially the ones with George. George really has a gift for explaining the three principles. Just listening to his voice calms me and sharpens my awareness!

    So thank you for a fantastic course!


    P.S. In parallel with the course I read the Relationship Handbook and I thought it worked very well."

    "I feel free. The anxiety I felt has gone now! Thank you so much for this course."



    "This course is so clear, so comprehensive and so helpful! The discussions give so many fresh voices to the same essential message. Each person brought their unique insights and showed the power of insight to change things effortlessly. I also loved the metaphors and animations, they’re useful for seeing the broader application and making the connection between what we struggle with in life and how an understanding of the Principles frees us from being a victim of circumstance. Thank you George, Kara and Erika for a wonderfully enriching course!"



    "Hi, I've been aware of this course for some time now, but since I've purchased quite a few audio programs on the three prinicples along with almost all of the recordings from the store, I wasn't sure what else this course could offer for me. I've also known about the three principles for probably 4 years now thanks to Michael Neill's work and I've listened to almost all of Michael's inside out series and done many of his wonderful program. Now that you have that background, I want you to understand why I can't say enough good things about this program. Did I understand the three principles intellectually? Yes. However, this program helped get me to another level. The layout of the course is done so well that you just absorb the ideas, metaphors, and discussions and changes just start happening in your life without you realizing it. Positive changes. My negative self-talk when I walked by a mirror has been replaced with positive thoughts through no effort on my part. I've stopped obsessing about food as much and I'm slowly losing weight. When I sometimes eat an entire bag of snacks in one sitting, I don't get caught up in it and I'm still losing weight. I stop eating when I'm full even when there is still a big portion left of a delicious dessert. Often times, I find myself with absolutely nothing on my mind. It's so refreshing. Random insights happen and I feel more at peace. At the same time, I'm not so shaken up by the ups and downs because I know Mind will return to balance and happiness on it's own. I'm more okay with not knowing things. Even when I fall down emotionally, it's just more apart of my life, part of the human condition. I don't spend as much time overanalyzing why something happened. I enjoyed all the guest speakers who provided different ways of looking at the week's topic. Each week took me deeper and deeper into an understanding. I can't recommend this course enough."



    "This course includes lots of real life examples showing how the Three Principles create our experience of life and are therefore the truth of how our human minds work. Plus the authenticity of all the presenters helped me to really listen to what they were saying. Regardless of your current beliefs, this course is an opportunity to realise a more relaxed and happier state of mind."



    "The different ways of delivering the simplicity of The Principles - lectures, discussions, metaphors and animations really helped to deepen my understanding. Shortly after finishing the course I experienced a personal tragedy and could really SEE the neutrality of circumstance in a way that I wouldn't have believed possible beforehand, which was really helpful!"



    "I have gone through the course 3 times and not because of lack of clarity but simply because I truly enjoy it and get so much out of it every time. I have taken another course, which is aimed to support therapists and coaches to share the Principles. However I'd say that The Insight Course is definitely the one not only easier to grasp but also to then to put into practice in every day life. It's one of the gems in my life and I shall keep on treasuring as long as I can." -Antonia


    "I became introduced to the inside out view as a result of debilitating back pain. After trying the usual physical treatments I came across Dr. John Sarno a physician who was said that back pain -- as well as a host of other ailments -- was mind created. That led me to the three principles world. My back pain was essentially cured by the inside out understanding. But then I came to see that not only was my physical pain thought induced, but my understanding of the world at large was based on a giant misunderstanding. That's where this course entered the picture. It is helping me to build the framework for a inside out view of life. It has not been easy, I am trained thinker and figure it out person. But when I viewed the Elsie Spittle video at the end of the course I knew the way was possible. The course was professionally produced. The Pransky's are easy to listen to and the materials are first class. And to think I got it on sale! Life doesn't get much better."



    "I loved the course, and I really love that I can go back to it anytime. Thanks for keeping the quality so high."



    "I have done each module multiple times and it is very well set out and effective."



    "There is something out there that can give you hope, understanding and lots of giggles. A course with pransky and associates! So happy to finally realize that all my problems and stresses ARE my fault!! And now thoroughly enjoying my new perceptions and understandings of thought, consciousness and mind as well as looking forward to my new journey with pransky and associates without a need for control and with the confidence that everything resolves itself independent of my crazy thoughts! A must do for everyone."



    "In just 8 small weeks I was not only delighted but also surprised at the level of depth the weekly learnings brought to my understanding of the principles in a simple and pure form. The simplicity of the trinity is evident from the get go from Erika, Kara and George amongst others. Without fail every single week no matter what you believe your preferred learning style is you will be blown away by the quality of the lectures and information presented , all of which is downloadable and yours to keep for foreverEvery lesson tailored to allow your wisdom to percolate and pop little nuggets of insight when you least expect it. I laughed , I cried and I felt humbled by the attention to detail that Pransky and Associates and especially Erika and Kara had put together within this 8 week course. Whether you are new to the three principles or a seasoned veteran I simply cannot recommend this distance learning course highly enough.Your life will quite simply never be the same again."



    "A fascinating learning experience taught from different angles and points of view how to understand simple principles that are at work in everyone from birth to death. The Pransky's have been around a long time, and it shows in this course how they have swiftly put together an effective mode of learning that is very user friendly. One thing that stands out that was powerful were the thought provoking homework questions. I learned so much when I had to observe myself and notice the subtle and obvious deep changes that occurred when realizing the answers that came. I am left feeling not so alone, but connected to "we" humans who are under the influence of thought and what a difference it makes when the understanding of the principle of Thought is seen for what it is. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to delve deeper into themselves and find your own answers to important questions that can potentially bring forth peace, humor, gentleness, calm and understanding that lies within us always. Grateful for this time spent with Erika, George and Kara."



    "From the darkness into the light is the only way I can describe it. The practical nature and application to every day life makes it soothing and eye opening. I have known some of the principles taught here but I've not seen the simple application for it. And now it is ever popping up in my own thinking. True transformation. With that I am able to model it for my High School students in the classroom and on the bus I drive. It is all very useful in my daily life."



    "This product is incredibly helpful in understanding how we create our experience as human beings. The variety in the delivery is superb, the language simple and relative, and all sections have a sense of fun and enjoyment. It is one of those rare products that will change your life forvever."


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    We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the INSIGHT or INSIGHT for Relationships course, contact us with 30 days of your purchase and we will issue a full refund. 

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