Leveraging the Human Dimension in Business

Leveraging the Human Dimension in Business



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    This six part series for business leaders discusses the most important variable in human performance: State of Mind and how it is overlooked and undervalued. It also discusses teamwork, bringing out the best in others and a leader’s power to improve the state of mind in a company.

    Recording time: 4 hours 26 minutes




    "At times I have found introducing the Three Principles into a business context can be challenging. In these excellent MP3’s George Pransky gives practical examples of the approach he has used across a wide variety of situations. 

    Interestingly whilst not referring directly to the Principles - his approach is to get the audience/clients to consider and discover through listening & questions the role thought plays in the reality we create. 

    A really valuable resource for anyone wanting to introduce the Principles to the business world. "



    "What great applications of The Principles to the workplace with real time challenges. I have not been purposefully using the approaches suggested here, but have found myself using my own versions of them after listening to this great course."



    "My coach, John Dashfield, recommended George's audio series to me, and I can see why he did. George's message is not only profoundly helpful but is also immensely practical in working with teams of people, with plenty of everyday examples of how these ideas work out in the real world. I got a lot from it, not least just listening to George's style and delivery which is itself infectious. Thanks!"



    "I play these again and again and each time I hear something different - how can that be? The same words but in the moment a new experience! This series has helped me to see how this understanding plays out in the world of business, and seeing this has allowed me to see the implications in the world of performance sport. An absolute dream purchase, thats for sure! Thank you George."



    "Wow!!!! It's beautiful....words like masterpiece just popped into my head. I really really enjoyed it. I haven't heard it completely but heard 4 parts and I loved it. Even though George's teachings or talks are always based on the simple 3 principles discovered by Sydney Banks, I was still amazed by it and in a way surprised cos when I was listening I was thinking ok now let's see how to have people co-operate and work together as teams and I thought George is going to say something else but it's always based on 3 principles...it's that simple. But what I have realized after listening to so many of George's audios, I forget it's that simple n it's based on 3 principles. It's a good reminder for me that it's always having clear states of mind that will produce results. I must have purchased or heard over a dozen different audios of George and although it's all based on 3 principles, I always feel it's fresh for me and there is so much to learn from him. Every month or every now and then whenever I have some savings leftover from my monthly pocket money, I love to spend it here. They have lovely products, I am so lucky George has made it easily available for people and another good thing is, you can download it instantly so you don't have to wait. Thank you George, I'm loving it. And thank you for making a difference in my life."


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