• Taxi Ride with George and Linda

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      We've never done anything like this! George and Linda want to spend two days online with you. They will be your taxi cab and go wherever you want to go. This program is designed to be rich, spontaneous and no doubt enlightening. 


      George and Linda are a deep well of wisdom and insight and will pretty much answer any question you ask them. Get to the root of the three principles with two of the pioneers of the understanding. This program, which is open to anyone, is expected to be deep, interactive and full of wisdom. Ask your burning questions, get real guidance and profound, lasting insights on things you've been struggling with your whole life.


      Hop in our virtual taxi cab and you call the destination. Oh, and hopefully you aren't allergic to cats, because Greypaw will for sure be joining.


      Program Schedule:


      September 19th-20th

      Morning Session               11 am -1 pm PST

      Lunch                               1 pm – 2 pm PST

      Afternoon Session             2 pm – 4 pm PST


      * The dates for this program were changed to September from June, we apologize for any inconvenience!

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