The Relationship Handbook 25th Anniversary Edition by George Pransky
  • The Relationship Handbook 25th Anniversary Edition by George Pransky



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      Unlike most relationship counselors, Dr. Pransky doesn't recommend "working" on a relationship. In this book he challenges everything you thought you knew about how to be happy with your partner. Each chapter exposes a popular, but destructive, misconception about relationships and provides a new understanding that can give troubled couples the fresh start they need.The 25th Anniversary Edition of The Relationship Handbook includes a brand new addendum written by George and Linda Pransky. In George's words, "Believe it or not, I have learned and experienced many things in these past twenty-five years. This retrospective gives me an opportunity to capture that."Together, he and Linda took the most common topics people asked about after reading The Relationship Handbook and wrote seven additional chapters included in this anniversary edition.



      The Relationship Handbook Anniversary Edition is now available as an eBook and in Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, and Norwegian via Amazon. 



















      "Great book! Refreshing. Validating and uplifting. Promote it to everyone! Have copies I give to clients." -Nancy


      "An excellent book to read (and re-read; I keep discovering helpful insights) and share, especially helpful for couples who feel resigned to have "struggle" and "hard work" be the taglines of their partnership. This book offers great hope. Strongly recommend "Maintenance Free Relationships" CD to listen to (many times) to give the message added depth and weight." -Anonymous


      "Always love reading this book and the 25th Anniversary Edition just topped it off." -Jen


      "My clients love this book. They enjoy reading it; it's filled with wit and wisdom and it's like an old friend to them. People I've given it to end up sharing it with friends, and ultimately buying it for others as gifts, because it's incredibly helpful to couples -- but actually relevant to all human relationships." -Judy


      "The wisdom in this book is refreshing and outlines more hopeful perspectives on relationships than our traditional thinking and therapies have to offer. The excerpts from real counselling sessions are very helpful and gives context to the concepts. I've studied the 3 principles for a little while but this book gave me some great new insights and made me understand things I've heard before but didn't quite 'get'. The principles discussed in this book is not just applicable to relationships but in other areas of life as well. I will re-read it many times yet." -Annica


      "I gave away my original copy so although I had read it before, I decided to read this one from start to finish. Up till now, I have struggled with the thought ..."if he didn't behave like that, I wouldn't think and feel this way..." This time I really saw that his behaviour has nothing to do with me. I can still enjoy the good but don't have to blame myself or feel responsible for his state of mind.In fact, I had to hide my giggles when he got angry last night." -Hilda


      "As a marital therapist, I highly recommend all my clients to purchase this book. I probably read the book 50 times. The Relationship Handbook continues to help me deepening my understanding about relationships and helps my clients understand the missing links in their marriage." -Lisa


      "Another book I couldn't put down. I have my parents reading it (married 60 years) and any of my friends that are married with or without children I suggest it's recommended reading. If I had have know about this book when I was married, I'm sure it would have had an impact on how I communicated with my x." -Jen


      "Finally something that makes sense for improving real HUMAN relationships. This ebook will show you, among many other things, how to keep the warmth in your relationship instead of cooling it out and loosing time finding and repairing perceived flaws." -Esmerelda


      "I really love this book, it made me see things so clear about the evolution of feeling in a relationship. And also how thin the line is to spiral down instead of up in a relationship.. The pdf format took a lot of work to properly read in my KOBO ereader. I would highly recommend Pransky's to create an epub version of the book, to make it better accessible." -Femke


      "The only relationship book any couple could need." -David


      "Whether working on a car or repairing something else one thing that is necessary is the manual. Things go better with the manual. This book is like the manual for human relationships. It is easy to read and laid out by subjects. As a therapist if a couple is having issues with communication they can go to that chapter and read it for themselves. In the session, we can focus on their insights and how they have help them. Also the book includes how to have a healthy relationship based on the 3 Principles of Innate Health. As a therapist I highly recommend The Relationship Handbook." -Michael


      "Very powerful book on relationships. Short and easy to read! Thank you." -Faye


      "Have not understood what I have read is an honest answer but since reading I have more moments of calmness around my relationships partner, children, work and strangers than I have in a long time. I even smile like a complete nutter as people barge on the crowded hot metro system in the morning, as if I have understand a little something more on human nature. Do not ask me what - confused and curious from Paris. I will have to read it again but need it back from a friend I lent it to." -A



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