You and Your Thinking

You and Your Thinking



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    Understanding how our minds work and our relationship to our thinking determines our level of happiness. This is the recording we point people to when they want an introduction to how we relate to our thinking.


    *Previously titled Graceful Thinking


    Recording time: 50 minutes




    "This is great news and a welcome relief for anyone who's got a glimpse of the notion of our inside out experience of life, and that we feel our thinking (not our circumstances.) There's a freedom in knowing that my experience of life doesn't come "outside in," but I've then fallen into the mistaken notion that my next job is to get to work (and it's a lot of work!) to start fixing my thinking. Dr. Pransky explains very simply, so that it is obvious, why we don't have to do that. It's simply not the nature of thought to be pushed, prodded, or hammered on to be "fixed." With great enthusiasm I recommend this product."



    "I was introduced to the three principles through a chance opportunity to procure a programme to the prison where I work in the UK. They opened the door to me looking in this direction. This material is fantastic. All life experience really is all about you and your thinking."



    "I am yet to listen to George and not feel fab !! He normalises Everything. Regardless of the subject this cd takes you straight to understanding the simplicity of our moment to moment experience."



    "This recording helped me so much. In this CD George went through "his evolution" on thought. Really helped me because in listening to "Busy Mind" I was trying to slow down and change my thinking which did not work. But in "Slowing Down from Within", especially toward the end of that CD he said it really didn't matter how much thought you had. That one really helped me as well. 

    Once again, they are extremely helpful." 


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