Living With More Hope: Breaking Free From Negative Thought

Do you feel trapped by your thoughts? Like you can’t stop dwelling on a problem or a worry? Or maybe you feel like your negative thinking will never change. The world’s always going to look gloomy. You’re always going to have dissatisfied thoughts about your partner, your job, your life. You’re certain you’ll always feel this way, right?

Lucky for us, our minds don’t actually work like that. In fact, it turns out that we are never stuck with a thought, no matter how compelling it feels. Listen to George’s recording below to hear more.

This clip is taken from our new audio product, ‘INSIGHT: The Principles of a Fulfilling and High-Performance Life’ Core Lecture Series by Dr. George Pransky. It’s our new favorite product to recommend to our clients who want more peace of mind and relief from the thoughts they get stuck in. To learn more, read below. 


Looking for something that will have a genuine impact in your life?

It’s easy to feel like our happiness is dependent on circumstances outside of our control. We get to be happy when good things happen. But when things aren’t going so well, which, let’s be honest, happens a lot, life feels really hard.

It’s exhausting, stressful, and heart-wrenching to live life from one trial to another. But things don’t have to be like that. In fact, our minds are capable of doing so much more for us.

Our newly-released audio product is warm, hopeful and impactful. It will give those familiar with our audio library a foundational experience that ties everything together. For listeners new to the principles we teach, it will give you a comprehensive understanding of the power behind the results we get with our clients.

This is a big-picture product. That means it will touch on all areas of your life, from work, to relationships, to stress, to daily struggles. These lectures are taken from our INSIGHT Online Course that is being viewed in 32 countries around the globe. We are so excited to share them now in such an accessible medium. Click below for more information:

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