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George & Linda Pransky at the Marina

George & Linda's Story

Pransky and Associates is a consulting practice based in La Conner, Washington. For almost 50 years we have been working with businesses, individuals, couples, and families both nationally and internationally. We are dedicated to creating an understanding of the profound capacity of the human nature and the distinct benefit of such a foundation to one’s quality of life.  


In 1976, George and Linda Pransky stumbled on a new way of helping people that was radically different from the traditional counseling methods they had been using in their work. The new principles they were learning had a huge impact on their personal lives, their relationship, and the way they worked with their clients. They began to teach these principles to their clients and became pioneers in a new field of psychology that profoundly changed their clients in a short amount of time. Watch this video to hear the whole story.


George and Linda have worked with leaders, couples, teams and individuals from across the globe.  Today, they are highly regarded for their ability to develop and train other practitioners in this work. Their vision is to provide training for like-minded professionals that would expand the community of people committed to doing this work. They have trained many of today’s best known teachers, counselors and coaches who work with these Principles. 

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