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How People Actually Change: An Interview with George & Linda Pransky

This week we are thrilled to share an episode of What is a Good Life? where Mark McCartney interviews George and Linda Pransky about how people actually change.

"In this episode, George and Linda share their understandings around how people really change, through realizations rather than intellect and willpower. We discuss the importance of gratitude, patience, quiet, accountability, and faith in further realisations occurring. While we also explore how our thinking is often broken and how they both have moved from reacting to life to living life.

This whole conversation is incredibly enlightening. George and Linda have so much wisdom to share, and in highlighting where our problems reside and sharing several anecdotes and insights, the whole conversation serves as an invitation to be drawn into your life rather than simply reacting to it."

- Mark McCartney

We loved this quote from George in the interview where he talks about simply having faith in life makes the space for wisdom to come through in the form of the answers you seek.

Faith in Life Quote George Pransky

Watch or listen on your preferred platform:

For more information on change, check out our audio recording Spiritual Change:


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