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Life is a Metaphor - A Discussion with Christian McNeill in Scotland

Christian McNeill is part of a team working to get 3P Scotland up and running. As part of the initiative, she is interviewing practitioners in the approach and asked George, Linda and George McRae to come on to talk about our recent book Life is a Metaphor. It's always a joy to chat with McRae, we hope you glean some goodness from this conversation, as we did.

"Many people have tried to put the enlightened teachings of Syd Banks into words but nothing delivers it like the colorful, creative metaphors of George Pransky. Open this book to any page and you'll start picturing life's secret algorithm behind human thoughts and feelings. There is delightful good news on each page of Pransky's impactful and delightful street-wise writing. Read this book and watch how these metaphors wake you up to the positive nature of life itself."

- Steve Chandler


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