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What To Do With a Client Who Isn't Making Progress

What To Do With a Client Who Isn't Making Progress

Each week on Tea & Cookies we cover topics like Boundaries, The Feeling, The Client's Abilities, When a Client Isn't Improving, Suicidal Clients, Working with Functioning Alcoholics, Making the Space for Mind to Come Through, and more. Every session we've had has brought new insight and a deeper understanding of the Principles and how they play out in life.

The segment we're sharing today is between Linda and our long-time Mentee and colleague, Wyn Morgan. Wyn is struggling with a client who is constantly afraid and anxious, and he feels like she isn't making progress. The client avoids human interaction and finds the experience of fluctuating moods and feelings to be unbearable.

Linda suggests a different approach: focusing on teaching the client to enjoy life and feel good, rather than addressing the fear and anxiety directly. Watch the video to hear more about how some clients respond well to direct coaching about a problem, while others need to learn to distinguish and cultivate the feeling of enjoyment.

Summary Points

  • Wyn expresses frustration with lack of progress with a coaching client who is deeply afraid of feelings, particularly fear and anxiety.

  • The client avoids human interaction due to fear and expresses a desire to end her life if feeling normal emotions is inevitable.

  • Linda suggests focusing on teaching the client to enjoy life rather than addressing fear directly.

  • Linda proposes the idea of a contract to solely focus on cultivating good feelings.

  • Linda shares examples of redirecting focus during moments of fear, emphasizing the importance of enjoyment in life.

  • Linda advises Wyn to discuss enjoyment of life with the client, acknowledging skepticism and suicidal thoughts.

  • Linda suggests checking if listening to Syd Banks' teachings helps elevate the client's mood and encourages Wyn to acknowledge when the client's mood improves.

  • Wyn considers asking the client if acknowledging positive feelings would be helpful or harmful.

  • Linda shares her experience with a similar client and emphasizes the importance of persistence despite setbacks.

The Idea Behind Tea & Cookies

The idea for Tea & Cookies is that it becomes a close community of practitioners that can share ideas, struggles, insecurities, and conversation. Through the exploration of various topics, insights unfold for more than just the inquirer. There's something really amazing that happens when people gather in the feeling of wonderment.

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