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We’ve spent 35 years teaching something that produces an immediate rise in the confidence, clarity, and effectiveness of people just like you. Outcomes you can expect include an impact on your relationships, your home life, and your working life. You'll find more enthusiasm, motivation, and enjoyment overall, and spend more time in that frame of mind in which you do your best thinking.

We work with couples, business leaders, practitioners, and anyone who is ready to change or learn about something bigger in life. We do everything from intensive programs to Skype and phone consults in groups or one-on-one.

At Pransky and Associates, the work we do is progressive, substantial, and creates huge and immediate results that last.

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Who we are

In 1976, George Pransky and his wife and business partner Linda stumbled on a new way of helping people that was radically different from the traditional counseling methods …

What we do

There is a precise and intelligent system behind how human beings’ thinking works. This system directly affects people’s behavior, emotions, and personality. For example, how well people handle …

There is such an extreme difference in the way I’m living my life now and the way I was living it before I came to see you. I’m so grateful not to be in that head-space anymore, because it wasn’t doing me much good. I have so much confidence in my capacity to handle whatever I go through now. Thank you!

Tracy T. – Portland, Oregon