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Are you looking for on-going support & development as a Three Principles Coach?


Tea & Cookies

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with Linda

a subscription for


Tea & Cookies is a new program for Coaches, inspired by the time spent with our mentees over the years. Some of the deepest insights and growth happened over a cup of coffee or tea at Linda's kitchen table as the tide rolled in and out.


A fondness for those times

got us thinking... 


We have Zoom, why couldn’t we invite you to join Linda at her kitchen table? 


Our vision is that these 90 minutes every two weeks will become a routine, for all of us. A good chunk of time already carved out, to connect with other coaches, therapists, and consultants who are also using this approach. 

You can just come in, sit down, and relax. It’s a time to be together and connect with the principle of Mind and see answers to your deepest questions.

What you can expect

There will be a 90 minute group session every 2 weeks (just about) on Wednesdays from 11a-12:30p PST with occasional guest speakers and live demos. You will have the chance to talk directly with Linda during these group sessions, so bring your tough questions and client cases!

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We encourage you to share things like: 

Struggles you’re facing with clients 

Insecurities that get in the way of your coaching 

Questions about building a practice 

Your own grounding and insights 

Coaches Forum:

A place for connection

Coaches Forum Picture.png

The Coaches Forum is a wonderful way to build a support network with other people using this approach in their practice. It's a place where you can share your struggles, your insights, and everything in between.


The forum is organized by topic for easy navigation through the content.


We are very excited to have our graduated Mentees as members of this group. These are practitioners that have trained intensely with George and Linda over the years. Each of them will have a “Mentee” badge by their name so they can be easily recognized.

"I've been reflecting on our meeting last week. Attending such events feels like visiting a spiritual car wash. You might not even realize that your windshield is dirty, limiting your vision, or that the car paint has dulled under layers of dust and dirt. However, once it's clean again, the difference is immediately noticeable. That's exactly what this meeting did for me.

Even though I didn't say much, and the topics weren't always directly relevant to my current situation, I immersed myself in this wonderful, healing feeling. It was so profound that I found it difficult to articulate my thoughts; hence, I remained silent. Yet the unspoken questions in my mind and the "problems" I had been carrying with me were washed away.

I feel like a new person, lighter, clearer, and with a shiny coat of paint again.
I can't wait for another portion of Tea and Cookies!"

Anna Gruszczynska

Tea & Cookies



Every month

2 LIVE Group Sessions with Linda per month + Coaches Forum

Valid until canceled

90 minute recorded group sessions with Linda every two weeks

Live Demos


Coaches Forum

Access to Archived Sessions

Cancel anytime

The perfect pairing

How to be a Coach

a self-paced online course with George & Linda

Pransky & Associates has been developing coaches using a revolutionary approach to psychology for decades. Access their wisdom from home with our brand new Online Course for Coaches. 

Pransky How to be a Coach Online Course Cover
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