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People are more effective at working things out through a higher state of mind. We always suggest to our clients to look to get to a better feeling, not only because it feels good, but because your thinking will improve. When you feel better, you will have more creative and practical ideas, solutions and answers.

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"George and I are consistently looking for a better feeling in the middle of chaos. It doesn’t always happen, but it happens enough. For example, sometimes in the middle of an argument with George, I will switch from defending myself or trying to prove my point of view, to suddenly not caring about being right. I love it when this happens because George stops being upset, and we both enter into a nice feeling. And when this happens it is much easier for us to talk through things."


with George & Linda Pransky

Where should we start?

George & Linda Pransky have been working with couples for almost 50 years with an incredible success rate. Couples on the verge of divorce come to La Conner and book two separate hotel rooms, partway through a 4 day intensive, they are back together with a newfound resilience, compassion, and depth to their relationship. While our 4 Day Intensive is our flagship program, we have curated a thoughtful selection of recordings to restore the good feeling between you and your partner. And of course The Relationship Handbook is packed full of wisdom and practical perspective shifts that can completely change any relationship.

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The Relationship Handbook George S. Pransky

The Relationship Handbook

Unlike most relationship counselors, Dr. Pransky doesn't recommend "working" on a relationship. In this book he challenges everything you thought you knew about how to be happy with your partner. Each chapter exposes a popular, but destructive, misconception about relationships and provides a new understanding that can give troubled couples the fresh start they need.



“This is an amazing book, and what I find the most amazing about it is that it doesn't give you any technique to use, but it helps change your understanding of people and relationships so fundamentally, that you'll never go back to your old behaviors without realizing it." 

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