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How to be a Coach

A self-paced online course with George & Linda Pransky

This course contains all you could ever need to work with clients. The main reason for that is because you already have on-going access to infinite wisdom within yourself, as we all do. Remember that when you bump up against something, and it will do the work.


This course is a compilation of a combined 85 years of service to clients by a husband and wife living in the Pacific Northwest, using the Three Principles approach, first discovered by Sydney Banks.

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Course              Outline




The Three Principles

Insight | How People Change


Innate Health | Something Deeper


Thought | Energy in Form


Working with Clients

Grounding | Teaching from What You Know

Linda's Grounding Series


Things to Remember


The Feeling | Getting Them Comfortable

Rapport | Unconditional Regard

Intake | Assessing Their Understanding

Contract & Mandated Clients

Their Own Wisdom

Listening to Understand

Halt Their Thinking

Pulling the String

Progress in a Session

Specific Topics


Universal Eyes on Trauma

Anxiety Attacks


When a Client Relapses




Scientists & Corporations


Business Psychological Fitness


Religion & The Three Principles


Personally Sensitive Topics


Goal-Oriented Clients


What About Terminal Illness, etc?


People Who Are an Energy Suck


Working with Couples


Building a Practice


Client Demos

Parting Wisdom


What's Next

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