George and Linda Pransky have spent more than 40 years teaching something that produces an immediate rise in the confidence, clarity, and effectiveness of people just like you.

It's called the three principles.


First discovered in 1973 by a Scottish welder named Sydney Banks, the principles offers a refreshing view on life.


In 1976, George and Linda were fortunate to come across Syd and become very dear friends and students of his, working closely with him for the next 30+ years.

Through our programs and online courses, you will find more satisfaction and depth in your relationships, your personal and working life. You'll find more enthusiasm, motivation, and enjoyment overall and spend more time in that frame of mind in which you do your best thinking.


We work with couples, parents, individuals and business leaders and are most noted for our work mentoring and training practitioners across the globe.


Our services are progressive and substantial, and create noticeable and immediate results, that last.


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