INSIGHT Lecture Series

INSIGHT Lecture Series



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    These recordings are taken from our INSIGHT online course. This lecture series captures the power behind our most consistent and profound results in our clients over the past 35 years. Dr. Pransky shares a set of easy-to-grasp principles, laid out in a way that’s complete and builds on itself. The logic presented here helps people relate to their minds differently so they are less affected by limitations and distress, and optimizes their enjoyment, peace of mind and potential in life.

    If you purchase this series and then decide to purchase the course, you'll get $100 discount off the purchase price of the course. This series will give you a taste of the course to see if it's right for you.

    Recording time: 3 hours 47 minutes




    "I downloaded these and listened to them all over 3 days and am about to start over. Discovering these has been like finding pure gold. George's beautifully paced presentation of these principles provide the listener with the opportunity to gently absorb at their own pace the nature of who we are and how we create our own reality. He points to the signposts for us to travel on our own journey through life."



    "Love the course and how it's providing greater understanding of The Principles each time I listen to it. I really appreciate George's teaching style that allows the insights to sink in."


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