Practitioner Wisdom with Linda Pransky

Practitioner Wisdom with Linda Pransky



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    In this five part audio series especially made for practitioners, Linda Pransky addresses some of the most requested topics that practitioners have about their work with clients. Using her personal experience teaching practitioners and working with clients Linda addresses the following topics with warmth and humor: Grounding, listening, answers, mind and realizations.

    Recording time: 1 hour 36 minutes




    "I saw Linda speak at an event recently and it was so beautiful that I came away wanting more! Listening to this recording was like waking up to a beautiful truth that I had forgotten...It inspired me to move forwards in the direction of becoming a practitioner myself! I keep listening and listening and hearing more and more...Thank You Linda! x"



    "Listening to Linda speak in a very simple and accessible way is incredibly helpful, enjoyable and soothing. Each time I listen I am left with a lovely, relaxed feeling that energises me to share and talk about the Principles from a deeper understanding. Each time I listen I hear something different and I particularly love listening to her tell her story from when she first started learning and sharing. Her message of 'get out there and share what you know' is wonderful and will empower any practitioner who might be feeling nervous about their level of understanding. There is so much wisdom in this audio that it's difficult to pinpoint what is most helpful about it. My only suggestion to anyone who might be thinking of buying it is to just buy it! You will not be disappointed! :-)"



    "An absolute gem for all practitioners. A truly excellent guide to expand our level of understanding and description of the real role of a practitioner. Highly recommended."



    "This series is fantastic. There is so much depth, yet it's presented in such a down to earth, practical way. As a Three Principles practitioner for several years, I highly recommend this set for those who are looking to deepen their impact with clients....and essentially have more impact BEYOND the intellect. I know for me personally, this set pointed me to look beyond my own personal thinking when working with others. Whether you are new to the Principles, or considered an "experienced" practitioner, this set is both highly relevant and practical. I couldn't recommended it enough!"



    "Thank you Linda for releasing a wonderful product, really loved it. Haven't heard it all but just finished listening to Helpful Realizations and wow there were so many golden nuggets in there. Loved everything you said and to focus on the results rather than yourself and don't worry about making mistakes cos one can always backup. Don't want to say too much but I highly recommend this product to anybody interested in sharing these principles with others. Really a great product, even though I have heard a lot of audios regarding 3ps but I still found this so fresh and encouraging at the same time. I think a must buy for new and existing practitioners. Once again thank you Linda, I think it's going to help me a lot when working with other people."


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