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Four Days

8 Sessions




Your intensive begins with a 30 minute intake call with George or Linda. In this call your consultant will get a feel for what you might be struggling with and what you are looking to gain from the program.


With a vast library of over 60 audio recordings on nearly every topic, your consultant will often recommend you listen to one or two titles between sessions. 


Each of the four days, you will have a morning session and an afternoon session. Intentionally structured to give you space for quiet reflection, your consultant might recommend you go for a walk or simply rest between.


Your program includes 2 one hour follow up calls to be scheduled within two months of your program.


Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or a lack of motivation? Perhaps you have been searching for something your whole life that you haven't yet found? Whatever you feel you need to "work on" George and Linda are masters at guiding you to a deeper understanding of life that offers the wisdom you seek. 

This program gives you an opportunity to disengage from the daily workings of life, step back, and look at a bigger picture. You will learn about some discoveries that can change everything about your life. This is our flagship and most popular program. It is a learning and development retreat to give you a solid grasp of the principles we teach and how to apply them to your own life. Looking for a program for you and your partner? Click here.


*Due to Covid-19 precautions, this program currently takes place entirely on Zoom.

“An enormous thank you. It was the most fulfilling 4 days of my life. You opened my eyes to things I never imagined. I began to feel the transformation taking place the second morning I woke up. The principles and zeal you left me with will continue to have a profound impact on how I see myself, others and life. It has already influenced me personally and professionally and I’m optimistic it will for a lifetime.”

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