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At Pransky & Associates, we specialize in helping individuals unlock their full potential through one-on-one coaching, whether you're a business leader, struggling in your relationship, or want to make personal changes. Our consultants are experienced and passionate about helping you work through any issues or difficulties you may be facing. Our aim is to teach you how your mind works, so that you can uncover the innate tools you were born with to better navigate and enjoy your life.

We offer 3 or 6 month programs with either George or Linda as your dedicated coach. We look forward to helping you reach your goals and create a better quality of life.

Unlock Your Potential

Our coaching program provides a unique opportunity to uncover your mental health for good.

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6 Calls

Supporting Product

Email Access

Priority Scheduling


Image by Amir Benlakhlef



12 Calls

Supporting Product

Email Access

Priority Scheduling



We understand that it can be difficult to take time away from everyday life to focus on yourself. That’s why we make it easy for you to get the help you need from the comfort of your own home, with sessions over Zoom or on the phone. Take a step back from your hectic life and focus on improving your overall wellbeing.


George and Linda are a world-renowned couple with over 40 years of experience as mental health therapists. They were one of the first pioneers to bring this approach to psychology, after being mentored by Sydney Banks. People fly from all over the globe to work with them, as they have incredible impact with clients. From a couple on the verge of divorce, to a large government contracted corporation, they are highly, highly reviewed by their clients.


You can schedule calls at the pace that suits you, and if something comes up and you need to talk sooner, priority rescheduling is available. We want to create a supportive and responsive environment to help you gain insight and clarity.


Our Coaching Package provides you with the support you need throughout your journey. You have email access to your consultant if any questions come up, and you will be provided with supporting product based on your consultant's specific recommendations for you.


We always meet you where you are and identify areas of growth and development throughout your sessions. Your consultant provides individualized coaching to help you understand how your mind works and offers personalized guidance and support as you work towards your goals.


Pransky & Associates is focused on helping individuals uncover the fundamental principles of life, which are our birthright. Our programs create a lasting foundation for continued learning, even after the sessions are complete. Our goal is to help you discover your innate health and achieve a greater level of balance and harmony in your life. 


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Dr. George Pransky

George Pransky is experienced in helping people reach their fullest potential. He is known for his kind and tender approach, while also being to the point and creative when it comes to helping you understand the human mind. 

Linda Pransky

Linda Pransky uses her direct, intuitive, and common sense approach to help you move through life's challenges. With over 40 years of experience in the mental health field, Linda is dedicated to helping her clients find practical solutions to their problems.

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“Incredible know how; fantastic tools; results for all to see. Take a deep breath – your life is about to change for the better.”  


– Sanjay Mehta, Head of Industry Solutions, Oracle Communications

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