We do not focus on building skills and competencies or changing the behavior of the leader. That's what makes us different. As leaders understand that there’s a bigger variable behind performance and how the whole setup works, their skills, competencies and behavior naturally improve. Our clients leave our program with an understanding of how leaders do their best thinking and how to point themselves in that direction.

Would you believe our first recordings were on tape? We've since updated to CDs and digital downloads and love the ease with which our clients use them. We offer a vast library of topics relevant to almost any person or situation. Listen in your car, on your phone or your computer.  The more often you listen, the more benefit you get.

This program gives you an opportunity to disengage from the daily workings of life, step back, and look at a bigger picture. You will spend 4 days one-on-one with one of our experienced consultants. This is our flagship and most popular program. It is a learning and development retreat to give you a solid grasp of the principles we teach that have the potential to change everything about your life, including your business.


During four days in our small and scenic town you will have one-on-one meetings with your consultant twice each day. There will be breaks in between sessions for reflection and review of supporting materials. The meetings consist of discussion and directive learning that is specifically oriented to your life and current situation.


Phone follow-up is included in the program and helps keep the learning alive after you return home.

team development program

When there is stress in a culture, individual and corporate performance is limited. Specifically, employees cannot follow leadership because they are distracted by their own personal issues and agendas. Employees are challenged inter-personally, finding collaboration and synergy constrained by rigid opinions and turf-protecting tendencies.

Through interviews, Pransky and Associates will come to understand the nature of the culture and pinpoint the common denominator concerns of leaders and employees. There is extensive discussion between our firm and your company regarding the conclusions about the culture and the recommended training plan that is specifically customized to your business' needs. Please contact our office for more information.

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