A self-study course that is engaging, deep, and practical

This professional-grade online course is designed for people that are motivated and open to change.

Our most common participants include people that are:

  • Looking for relief from stress, insecurity, overthinking, and doubt

  • Want more peace of mind, confidence, resilience, and fulfillment in life

  • Interested in deepening their understanding of the Three Principles

  • Practitioners and coaches looking for better results working with their clients

What this course can do for you

The INSIGHT online course is a unique and in-depth learning experience that's different than other programs, books, or workshops you might find out there.

There are no behavioral techniques and no prescribed ways to be.

It is not based on self-analysis; there is no processing of your past or your habits.


It is not a course where you "work on yourself."

It is not a grueling process. In fact it there's humor and personal stories woven throughout every segment. If you read through our testimonials, you'll see the impact it has.


Discover... overall sense of peace of mind; to not just get through life or go through the motions, but to actually show up and engage with life and genuinely LIKE your life.



......more settled and comfortable in your own skin without 'fixing yourself' or waiting for your life to improve



...hopefulness about the key changes you want to see in your life and the things you've given up.



....the ability to bounce back from things, both big and small. You'll get over things faster and easier, without all the "baggage" and emotional wear and tear...

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I devoured each week of this program

I devoured each week of this program, which features many of my own personal mentors in this approach.  Cap it off with 'real life' examples from Kara, Erika and George and you've got a beautifully presented and laid out program for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

Micheal Neill

Internationally renowned transformative coach

Here's what you'll get

An online course is a self-study learning experience that takes place on your device or computer over the internet. You can easily log into this course anytime, anywhere and learn at your own pace. It's engaging, interactive, easy to relate to and presented in plain language. It allows people to get real and lasting help that's discreet, affordable, and adaptable to any busy schedule.


A brief intro to the lesson and what to look for. In less than 2 minutes have an orientation to the entire lesson with highlights and application.

Animated Story

Short, concise, often humorous stories that use scenarios from the creators' everyday lives to make the learning real and applicable, not just theoretical or intellectual.

Illustrated Lecture

A 10-minute lecture by Dr. George Pransky that uses metaphors, graphics, and visuals to make the point of the lesson in a new way. Very easy to grasp.


Main Lecture

Dr. George Pransky presents the main point of each lesson, the logic, and the relevance. The messages in these lectures will build on previous lectures and build the foundation for the next lesson in the course.


Interviews with Guest Presenters

We found the perfect guests to speak to the most common questions for each lesson. We selected the most experienced and professionals to give you a chance to hear many different voices and teaching styles. See below for the list of guest presenters.


Also included:

  • 2 recorded Q&A sessions from 100+ participants. 

  • Private online discussion forum

  • Printable Workbook

  • Written Summary Points and Transcripts for every