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Is Your Dial Stuck on a Setting? How a simple shift can re-set anyone.

Anyone else spend half of high school comparing yourself to other people? And feeling like a loser as a result? Yes, it’s normal, but it’s also a habit that some people never lose. Or it gets replaced by a different one, like constantly overthinking or regretting your decisions. People can get unknowingly stuck in patterns of thoughts similar to settings on a washing machine dial.

Click here to listen to a clip taken from a webinar interview with Erika Bugbee by Primal Happiness. There is a ‘Part 2: Your Mind May go Over to the Dark Side, but Here’s How Quickly You can Snap Out of It’ and ‘Part 3′:You have a Built in Remedy for Worry, Fear and Adult-Onset-Seriousness’ to this series as well.



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