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Start Anywhere: Talking About The Three Principles With Others

Have you ever really wanted to share the Three Principles with a friend, but weren't sure how to bring it up? Have you ever felt like some practitioners seem to have this magical ability to always know the right words to say, and you don't? Well good news! There is no "magical ability", and you already have everything you need to talk about the Three Principles without it being "awkward".

This video is an excerpt of a 4-part DVD series 'Conversations with Linda Pransky' that we just released on the web store. The series was originally intended for practitioners, but ended up branching out to cover a wide range of topics, from teaching, to spirituality, to self-trust and moods. It features four amazing practitioners (Cathy Casey, Mara Gleason, Sandy Krot and Barbara Patterson) talking about their work, their insights, and the ways they see the Three Principles impacting their lives and others. Enjoy!