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The Essence of Leadership - The key factor in why strategies and methods work or fail for a leader

Do you coach executives or are you in a leadership role yourself?  If so than you have probably heard about or tried many strategies and techniques.

There are over 200,000 books on leadership on Amazon and almost as many strategies and techniques for how to be an effective leader. They all seem logical and well founded but some of them work for us and some work for others and don't work for us. Having worked with businesses for 35 years, George sums up the one factor that determines a leader's effectiveness.  Our state of mind is the key variable that accounts for why a strategy works or not and how it helps a leader to know that and to find a stronger platform to stand on to implement any strategy or technique.

(By the way, the logic presented in this video also applies to any endeavor that commonly uses strategies and techniques like dieting, and parenting)



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